N. G. Michaloliakos on ThrakiNET about the greedy political privileges and the Turkish expansionism - VIDEO

18/03/2017 17:00

The General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nicholas G. Michaloliakos, made a telephone interview on the television ThrakiNET, where he commented on the current events.


Initially, the Leader of Golden Dawn characterized as rapacious and greedy those who have decided and voted for the reduction of solidarity levy for the MPs.


He reminded once again that Golden Dawn receives no government funding. The members of the Popular Association give most of their compensation as MPs to the party and also pay their own expenses during the elections.


About the “war” that has broken out between the Netherlands and Turkey, he said that this is the result of the rise of Nationalism in Europe and the rulers of the Netherlands use these reactions to gain impressions.


He stressed that Greece should act in a similar way against the Turkish provocations in Thrace, and noted that Golden Dawn has filed a lawsuit against the Turkish-supporting DEB party, because it violates international treaties and serves the interests of Ankara.


Finally, N. G. Michaloliakos mentioned that of the supposed “Kemal’s house” in Thessaloniki where, with the consent of the political system, many Turks come in order to commemorate the butcher of Hellenism. He demanded that the building must close down because it is a disgrace for our country and because historically it was never really Kemal’s residence.