N. G. Michaloliakos: The ethnic-nihilist rulers honor the traitor Beloyiannis but forget the Hero Pavlos Melas - VIDEO

07/04/2017 18:44

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn made a phone intervention in the newscast of the TV station Super B of Patras.


Nicholas G. Michaloliakos originally referred to the notorious closing of the evaluation, stressing that it will be finally signed and it will bring new painful measures.


The position of Golden Dawn concerning the Memorandum and the burdensome debt is clear: denunciate the debt and request an international audit.

Regarding the political developments, he indicated that Golden Dawn will continue to rise, as opposed to PASOK, which will never be the third party no matter how many MP transfers it may do.


The Leader of Golden Dawn revealed the hypocrisy of the anti-Greek rulers who inaugurated a museum in honor of the spy Beloyiannis, but they let the historical houses of Pavlos Melas and Kostis Palamas collapse.


Finally, concerning the continuous provocations of our “neighbors”, he stressed that Turkey has been threatening Greece for thousands of years and that the problem will not be solved by retreating, but only by applying a decisive and dynamic foreign policy.




From: xryshaygh.com