N. G. Michaloliakos: The memoranda can not bring economical growth - VIDEO

06/04/2017 17:36

The General Secretary of the Popular Association-Golden Dawn gave an all-inclusive interview to the journalist Stergios Kalogiros on the show “Commenting on the news”.


N. G. Michaloliakos originally referred to the war that has broken out between the Netherlands and Turkey while denouncing the “dogma” of the Greek-Turkish friendship and the statements of the SYRIZA minister Katrougalos about the Turkish electoral gatherings in our country.


For the illegal immigration, he noted that from Wednesday, March 15 the Dublin agreement began to apply, which means that now that the weather gets better, the immigrants that pass through Greece to go to Europe, will be able to come back to our country.


Regarding the Golden Dawn rates, he stressed that all Pollsters see the Nationalist Movement in double digits, despite the war and the slander.


Concerning the electoral collaborations, he emphasized that Golden Dawn cooperates only with the Greek people, adding that the Popular Nationalist Movement opens its arms for all the citizens that are pure patriots and accept our ideology and our political positions.


For the trial of Golden Dawn, he said that there is no evidence against the party and its MPs regarding the monstrous accusation of “criminal organization”. “This will be proven in court and then, the time of Golden Dawn will come”, he stressed among others.


About the government's measures, he said that Golden Dawn will vote against them, noting that the countermeasures are a political fraud since there is no way that Greece will achieve a primary surplus of 3.5%. “The memoranda cannot bring development”, he said.


Concerning the establishment of a preliminary committee about the military equipment, he said that Golden Dawn will vote for it, but other political periods should be checked as well, or at least the last 20 years. It’s the central position of Golden Dawn that the thieves must go to jail and the stolen must be returned to the Greek People.


Regarding the European Union agreement with Canada, he pointed out that only the Golden Dawn MEPs voted against it, unlike the MEPs of all the other parties of the country, who were in favor of it.


Finally, the Leader of Golden Dawn presented the position of the party on the national currency, stressing that it takes hard work and that the country must have a national exit plan from the euro.






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