N. G. Michaloliakos: “The scorns of the Europeans and the clowns of the ancient”

07/03/2017 18:01

N.G. Michaloliakos: “The scorns of the Europeans and the clowns of the ancient”

Excerpts of the forbidden by ERT speech of the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn


“Comrades, Greek men and Greek women who are about to watch tomorrow –if you watch- this speech, I warmly thank you for your presence, which is an answer to this regime of the preventive anti-constitutional censorship. 


There is a power that resists, Golden Dawn, this is why they are fighting us”


“Aw you know, ERT decided to not broadcast live my current speech in the Parliamentary Group and my contributors, while this capability is given to political parties whose rate just approaches 3%. It seems that according to these great “democrats” that govern us, there are two categories of Greeks, us and the others. They are right, us the members of Golden Dawn, we are the salt of this country. 


By surpassing every limit of wretchedness, they proceeded to an even further Stalinist censorship and they cancelled the broadcasting of my recorded speech and they claimed they would broadcasted tomorrow…They is nothing they can do, they cannot stop us and they should realize it. Whatever they do, with this completely illegal action of the direction of ERT, who even cancelled livestreaming, meaning the broadcasting from ERT Web TV, we shall not stop. They blatantly violate the Constitution, we could not expect something different from them. 


All of them, PASOK, New Democracy that governed in the past and SYRIZA today, they sell part by part our Homeland. There is a power that resists, Golden Dawn, this is why they are fighting us. This is a badge of honor and it proves just how much they are afraid of Golden Dawn, the persisting Golden Dawn, the resisting Golden Dawn that is the persisting and resisting Greece who does not give in the soul to the foreign master.”


The rotten political system corrupted the People


“Comrades, in the climate of the days, there was few days ago an interview of Theodoros Pagkalos, who stated among other things that: “people were corrupted and they substituted the allowances with votes”. This is the cynical confession of a person of the hard core of the old regime of political parties, who passionately supported the client state of New Democracy and PASOK and now these tow last years of SYRIZA, since the “fellows” who would bring the purge and the purification, continue to make designations in this “paper cockerel”, as Pericles Giannopoulos would state. 


No one replied to Pagkalos, but we will do so: No, Mr. Pagkalos, people were not corrupted, it was you and the rotten political establishment that corrupted them, when every citizen approached the offices of a political party to have something to bring home, to find a job for his child, what is that but corruption? A corruption denounced by Golden Dawn, who fight for the fall of this dictatorship of corrupted. 


In the same interview, Theodoros Pagkalos stated something more, that he will vote for New Democracy. Well, New Democracy must be happy for this “victory” and we should recall, especially to those in New Democracy who pretend to be patriots that Theodoros Pagkalos had said to admiral Lymperis: “Why not say that they wind removed the flag?” And I refer to the flag of Imia, and yes, this flag was removed by the wing and it was placed in the heart of hundred thousands of Greek men and women, in the heart of every comrade of Golden Dawn and now waves high on the sky.”


We live in the last communist country of Europe


“We live in the Greece after the political changeover, we live in the last communist country of Europe and while in every country is a slur to be a communist, here it is a badge of honor. They have dominated everywhere. With the tolerance and the blessings of ND. She opened the gates for them…They delivered the country to the left wing and everything was completely controlled until, like a star, Golden Dawn risen in Greece and the pavements, the squares, the cities and the villages were filled with Greek flags and with banners. Back then they were frightened, so they conspired a political scheme. It will not last in time, like everything fake and forged. 


The situation of the country gets worse time after time. With this policy adhered to memoranda, the economic devastation is granted. The education smells like putridness, antinationalism, marxism and wretchedness, while the sector of health is devastated. Regarding the national issues: Thrace, Northern Epirus, Aegean, Cyprus all there is, is submission. And among all these, there are the members of New Democracy who will parade in cities and villages and will demand the vote of Greek people in order to save them from…the left! No, New Democracy is equally dangerous for the Nation, as it is SYRIZA. The sole national option is Golden Dawn.” 


Whoever wants to resist, there is a seat among us


“Comrades, the professional flag wavers are returning and they will start distributing promises. Tell, to all the Greek people that they are lying, they have bankrupted the state, they cannot give something more. And among all these, in this poverty, in this desert of ideals, created by the marxist ideologies and the antinational liberalistic dispositions, there is also the passivity of an entire population, a passivity reminding to us the rimes of Kostis Palamas: “There are no Gods in Olympus, nor brave men in Ossa, there are only slaves in mother earth, waiting for the impost. Empty and slothful, they despise your harsh words and they are nothing but the scorns of the Europeans and the clowns of the ancient.” 


These are nowadays the Greeks of Greece of 2017. The scorns of the Europeans and the clowns of the ancient. Yet, against them all, there are some people who remain unbowed, they are not enslaved, they are the comrades of Golden Dawn who always fight against the foreign suzerains, vowing: “We want our Homeland back!”


“According to our initial planning, the date of the speech was Wednesday of February 22, a memorable day. That was the day that Alexandros Ypsilantis, this forgotten great hero, passed through the river Prut. To each and every one of you corresponds a river Prut. Pass through him and raise the flag of the revolutionary National Flag! Only then Greece shall be saved…


Comrades, with this speech I address to all the Greek men and women. Whoever wants to resist, there is a seat among us…”


Nikolaos G. Michalioliakos 

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn







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