Nicholaos G. Michaloliakos: The only solution to bring Justice, is a National solution! - VIDEO

31/03/2017 19:48

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn lashed a major attack against the coalition government of SYRIZA - ANEL, but also against the general political system, for the continuous covering-up of scandals.


In the Parliamentary debate for the establishment of an inquiry committee for the former PASOK minister of National Defense, Yiannos Papantoniou, he initially denounced the censorship of ERT, which violates pluralism and democracy by prohibiting the broadcasting of speeches from the Leader of Golden Dawn. Nicholas G. Michaloliakos said that nothing can stop the rise of Golden Dawn, which becomes stronger every day.


He referred to Erdogan’s ongoing challenges and the betrayal of our EU “allies” and NATO, stressing that Islam threatens the whole of Europe. He noted that the Parliament received documents against Samaras, regarding his orders to the Judicial officers to illegally detain the Members of Golden Dawn.


The Leader of Golden Dawn stated that the whole process is a disorientating procedure putting forth just before the arrival of the new harsh memorandum measures. This was proved also by the Committee for the illegal loans of the political parties and the media, where everyone involved remained untouched.


Referring to the illegal and onerous debt, he stressed that SYRIZA has been proved to be part of the old political establishment and only Golden Dawn insists on the denouncement of the debt and its international audit.


Concerning the government proposal for the revision of the Constitution, he noted that it does not include the elimination of the unacceptable Article 86, the law on ministerial responsibility, but it leaves the gates wide open for the continuation of the scandal covering-up.


Nicholas G. Michaloliakos concluded that the proposal for the inquiry of Mr. Papantoniou is not the clearance that the government promised the Greek People. There was a KISEA committee, where Simitis was among the top members, and which bears the same criminal responsibilities as Papantoniou!


The Greek people are thirsty for justice, but during the last two years, nothing has been done in this direction.


The political system is profoundly sick, and the only solution to bring Justice is the National Solution by Golden Dawn!