Nikos Michaloliakos: Greece is a Boulder Filled with Thousands of Years of Honor (VIDEO)

09/06/2015 14:19


The parliament speech from June 5th, 2015, by Golden Dawn General Secretary, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, on the current political developments and the government’s negotiations with the lenders.

In summary, Nikolaos Michaloliakos made reference to the agreements that had been signed by the governments of New Democracy and PASOK, but also the one that the present government is preparing to sign, and how they are unlawful and unconstitutional, due to being governed by English Law and forfeit national sovereignty.

As stated at the Examination Committee for the Memorandums, by constitutional expert, Mr. Giorgos Kasimatis and as per article 28 of the constitution, on the legitimacy of the memorandum, there is no legal basis, since the impoverishment of the Greek people doesn’t serve the European integration process.

Michaloliakos later went on to reveal that New Democracy’s cries about early elections didn’t serve any other purpose other than intra-party purposes of those in Samaras’ close circle.

Coming back to the issue of a new agreement, Michaloliakos highlighted that SYRIZA didn’t enforce even one of their campaign commitments and in substance even today hide the contents of the agreement. They don’t answer whether the agreement is bound by English law and the concession of national sovereignty.

SYRIZA has stopped speaking about writing-off the debt, and aside from publicity stunts isn’t doing anything demonstratre that the bribes, the Olympic games and all other practices of the Metapolitefsi have unloaded on the Greek people an intolerable and despicable debt.

SYRIZA should immediately proceed to the termination of the Memorandum in accordance with the fresh popular mandate, since in the capitalist jungle of the financial system there can be no solution.

SYRIZA hopes to terrorize the Greek people and impose a Marxist leveling of society, ignoring the fact that the Greek people have nothing to fear.

Golden Dawn’s position is crystal clear: No to another Memorandum, no to the continued concession of national sovereignty, a return to national production, work for the Greek laborer, let us together make national protectionism the new strategy, for a rebirth of the Greek economy.