Not a single Greek Home will to be handed to the Bankers

23/05/2015 16:08

On the 13th of May 2015, our comrades at Golden Dawn Piraeus took to the District courts to stand up for Greeks who are being unfairly robbed by the Marxist kleptocracy & their banker allies.
The harsh and unfair memorandum, a result of the corruption of the EU & Greek elite who plundered the Greek nation, is now stripping working class Greeks of their homes. Those who have been hit hardest by the crisis, and are unable to generate the funds needed to pay taxes or repayments, are having their homes re-possessed by the state and usurers.
Golden Dawn is standing up for ordinary Greeks, who should not have to pay with their family homes for the financial mess created by the international loan sharks and their domestic corrupt Greek enablers. Members of the Piraeus division organised leaflets and posters alerting locals to what is happening to their neighbours, and rallied to face the courts head on.
Every week, between 10 and 20 residents are instructed by the courts to face the full force of the EU imposed austerity. The Golden Dawn has vowed solidarity with these people, and we will not stand by while bankers steal the homes of Greeks!
In the below video, you can hear our comrade Sotiris Develekos calling out the corrupt system, while heading to the courts with Golden Dawn members to stand in defence of the Greek people. NOT A SINGLE  GREEK HOME WILL BE HANDED TO THE BANKERS!