Racial Nationalism - A Movement Whose Time Has Come

04/05/2015 20:25
The political conspiracy against the Golden Dawn will not alter the destiny of a movement whose time has come.
The so called ‘trial of the Golden Dawn’ is a sloppy, knee jerk reaction by the system to the massive blow that hit their monopoly of the modern Hellenic political show-arena. In 2012, the Greek people punished the corrupt politicians of Greece for the abuse and sell out of their fatherland. In retaliation, the system abused their connections within the justice department, arresting nationalists on trumped up false charges in order to stop the inevitable rise of the Golden Dawn. The unconstitutional arrest have backfired on the corrupt politicians, as the Nationalists of Greece have maintained their place as the 3rd largest political party in Greece in both the latest EU & National elections, and continue to grow stronger.
As more and more Nationalists of Golden Dawn are being released in prison, and many more are being acquitted of the phony charges, the trial against the Nationalists now continues to crumble day by day. The system has abused its influence in the controlled media to launch the greatest smear campaign in recent Greek history, in an attempt to turn the masses against the only independent party that doesn't answer to the international loan sharks. Their propaganda has fallen on deaf ears, and the media has now resorted to completely ignoring the Nationalists in an attempt to erase their memory from history. The political prisoners of the Golden Dawn, after 18 months behind bars, are still waiting to be presented with this 'shocking and incriminating evidence’ that proves they are a criminal organisation. The so called militia and ammunition stock piles have been proven to be nothing more than a slanderous lie, and the Golden Dawn is the only political party to have all its finances formally investigated by a state body. 
The Financial Crimes Squad has officially declared the Golden Dawn to be completely clean in their finances, totally smashing the very foundation needed for the courts to charge the Nationalists as having formed an organised criminal gang, another figment of their imagination. The absolute failure of Syriza to end the harsh austerity as promised in elections has left the Greeks all but one last remaining choice in order to end the memorandum that is destroying our nation. The massive flood of illegal immigrants into our streets have overwhelmed the Greek people, with neither the Marxists or Conservatives able to effectively control the degradation of our neighborhoods and the huge surge in violent crime. Now it is time for the Nationalists to clean up the mess caused by Zionist empire builders, who have plunged the 3rd world into a war zone in pursuit of power and resources for their corporations. Only Golden Dawn has the ideology and will to repatriate the illegals back to their home countries, where they belong.
18 months ago, the system threw everything it had to destroy the nationalist movement of Greece - mass arrests of political members & associates, the firing of nationalists in the army & police force, a smear campaign against anyone who supported the movement, the bombing of our offices, and the brutal killing of our 2 comrades- Manolis Kapelonis & Giorgos Fountoulis in the streets of Athens. The fear of being smeared, fired, arrested, bombed or even gunned down in a drive by shooting was not enough to deter the Racial Nationalists, who continue to bravely concentrate their efforts for the freedom of our fatherland. This trial is nothing but a mere obstacle for the Nationalists, and it is the systems last ditch attempt to save itself from its own self destruction. No court, no judge, and no cowardly terrorist can stop a movement whose time has come.