REVELATION by Wikileaks: the usurers to the Greek-speaking politicians - Memorandum or Golden Dawn!

25/06/2015 14:47

Secret documents of the NSA were revealed by well known website of Wikileaks. The authenticity of these documents is certified by the insistence with which the US secret services are trying to stop the leakage of such secret documents. These specific documents relating to Greece and particularly the tense period of 2012, before the elections. 

As is apparent from the monitoring of François Hollande by the NSA, a secret meeting had convened between the French President and MPs of the German SPD, in order to dissuade Merkel from its decision to lead Greece outside the European Union. Hollande himself, as new president of France, had his doubts and wanted to have extensive discussions on "the consequences of a possible exit of Greece in the French economy and banks."

Finally international usurers chose not to carry out their threats and instead agreed with the corrupt politicians for the continuation of the policy of memorandum and the gradual extermination of the Greeks. The reason why the decisions of our "partners" were changed were neither their mercy for the Greeks, nor their "friendship" with one or the other politician. The reason was the Golden Dawn! And as a proof of it, we quote the related part of the document of the NSA: 

"This created great concern to Hollande for Greece and Greeks, who could react by voting a far-right party"


Eventually the Greeks voted for Golden Dawn which in the document of the NSA is referred with the misguided term "far right." The system then went so far as to conduct second elections, with the channels unanimously to invite the People to "correct their vote." The second failure to "rid themselves" from the Golden Dawn led to the consideration of the likelihood "Papariga"(the leader of the Communist party of Greece) which means that the Nationalists would ''wear their neckties'' and betray the Greek People by collaborating with the system. When this also proved to be an illusion the political persecutions against Golden Dawn began .