Smear Campaign from SKAI Channel: They Presented Anarchists Attacking Citizens As… Golden-Dawners – VIDEO

23/04/2015 15:34


On Monday April 20th, SKAI channel’s news program, “SKAI at 6” with Kostas Bogdanou, launched an unprecedented smear campaign, which clearly aimed at slandering Golden Dawn.
The journalist referred to the first day of the trial and the alleged attacks that Pavlos Fyssas’ friends were the recipients of.  Not one word on the attack by a left’s assault squad on a Greek citizen and the attack on POTAMI MP Orfanos by anarchists!
In the same report, there was a caption that read “The moment of the attack on friends of the murdered Pavlos Fyssas” where Bogdanou commented “The allegations are that Golden-Dawners’ were the ones who attacked Pavlos Fyssas’ friends and prosecution witnesses.  Here we see a damaged motorcycle”.



What Bogdanou deliberately DID NOT state is that the attack on this motorcyclist was carried out by hooded anarchists, with helmets and red and black flags.
Here is the video the anarchist attack:
Really cheap propaganda on the part of the heavily indebted channels and is doomed to fall on deaf ears!  
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