Speeh of Ilias Kasidiaris for the government announcements

19/02/2015 11:14



The illegally detained spokesman of the Golden Dawn Mr Ilias Kasidiaris spoke on the plenary house responding to Alexis Tsipras policy statements.

Originally he referred to the political prosecutions against Golden Dawn from the illegal judicial shack that manipulates justice. At the same time referring to the new minister of justice he wondered what will happens with the complains about the filthy shack having already been photographed by the former justice minister Roupakiotis and has been revealed by the former general secretary of the previous government Mr Baltakos. Ilias Kasidiaris said that apart from questioning the committee on how we reached to the memorandum , an another committee should be established to investigate the the case with the video tape of Baltakos.

Ηe complained  that in the case of the terrorist Xiros licenses were being giving to him in order to leave the prison unguarded while we accompany us with machine guns. The constitution has been abolished he said and asked to address the issue to the new minister of citizen protection Mr John Panousis and the rest of the officers of the parliamentary bureau.

About the new government announcements Mr Kasidiaris said that it will be a strong support from Golden Dawn to the government actions that they will be against to those who brought the country to the economic crisis and he also marked that if the negotiations end up to a failure then there is only one way to take, the referendum on either to stay in euro or to go again to drachma.

The agonist Kasidiaris denounced the prime minister Tsipras that said nothing in his speech about the abolishing of the memorandums but on the contrary Mr Varoufakis said that he agrees on the 70% of the memorandum. We agree that the Troika has to leave Greece but how that could be done when we have meetings of Varoufakis and Dragasakis with Vizer and Costello who represent the Troika? Within 10 days you brought Troika back Ilias Kasidiaris said and he described as charming the rhetoric of the government inside the country and he claimed that other arguments have to be used when you negotiating abroad.

Closing his speech Mr Kasidiaris made criticized the statements of the prime minister on foreign policy, and asked for immediate turn to Russia and the unify of Greece and Cyprus through the commercial zones. Regarding the economy stressed that the prime minister made no reference to the extraction of hydrocarbons which is the only solution for the development of our country

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