Strong presence of Golden Dawn in Montreal Canada for the Pontian genocide - Photoreport

22/05/2015 16:22

The core of friends of the Golden Dawn in Montreal participated on May 19th 2015 to the memorial event of the genocide of the Pontic Greeks in Montreal, Canada, that organized by the Association of Pontians Montreal in the park Marcelin-Wilson with the participation of the president of the Greek community, many other known Greek-canadians and dozens of comrades.

The rival Mr. Spyros Makrozonaris emphasized that it is national duty and obligation of all Greek Nationalists wherever located to commemorate the fallen Greeks and the victims of our country's history. The bystanders, after finishing the ceremony and chanting the national anthem, wished to the leader Nikos Michaloliakos health, good strength and the victory of the Golden Dawn, of the only pure Nationalist party that fights for a free Greece with proud Greeks.


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