Syriza fails to curb the growing flow of illegal immigrants

12/04/2015 17:47
Despite the massive economic crisis that is crippling our nation, huge numbers of illegal immigrants continue to flood into Greece. Public information released by the Greek Coast Guard details the amount of people who crossed over into Greece by Sea. Official figures are currently sitting at over 10,445 known illegals in the first quarter of 2015 alone, which amounts to a shocking 112 illegals a day!
To understand how this embarrassing problem has spiralled out of control, we can look to last years data which showed in the first quarter of 2014, 2,863 illegals arrived by sea. It appears that the numbers have now quadrupled in the short space of just a year, a problem that concerns Greeks, but not the Marxist Occupational government of Syriza. Even more disturbing is how quickly the numbers have ramped in the later stage of the quarter of 2015, with nearly 6,500 illegals crossing through the Eastern Aegean in just March alone. This suggests the number of illegals is increasing rapidly, and will continue to worsen well into the future.
The failure of the Syriza government to take this problem seriously, in particular the witch like Minister of Immigration, Tasia Christodoulopoulou, who has even gone as far as renovating deluxe hotels to provide top accommodation for hordes of illegal aliens.
Any suggestion for effective boarder control and the repatriation of illegal immigrants is met with the same mindless Marxist rebuttal of ‘racism’, an attempt from our corrupt politicians to silence criticism of their plans to turn Athens into Neo-Babylon. This is despite the fact that most Greeks think outside the western ‘politically correct’ status quo and loudly call for the removal of immigrants from our streets.
It appears our political Marxist stooges are not only detached from the majority of the Greek working class, but actively working to destroy it. By importing cheap labour, to drive the profits of big business, the Syriza gang is nothing more than a racket which uses Marxism to serve the interests of the capitalist elite, more evidently so by their prompt payment of the IMF loan to the international loan sharks.