SYRIZA-New Democracy: Two political parties, one policy! - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

10/03/2017 21:56

SYRIZA-NEW DEMOCRACY: Two political parties, one policy! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Only Golden Dawn stands against them and fights for a national state without Memoranda


“Do you believe there is difference between the policy of Tsipras and the policy of Samaras or Mitsotakis, if he governs?”


GOLDEN DAWN specifies in every way, in the Parliament, in the newspaper, in the internet, that there is no difference in the policy between NEW DEMOCRACY and SYRIZA. This position of our Movement is confirmed by the following statement of the former chairman of N.D. Mr. Meimarakis, who stated: 


“There is no meaning in saying that I do not vote the measures, when you are aware that the government has the parliamentary majority and that the stay of the country at euro is not at stake. If the government had 145 MPs and you could exit from euro, what would you do?” “According to me, the political understanding is a basic principle. Do you believe there is difference between the policy of Tsipras and the policy of Samaras or Mitsotakis, if he governs?” That was the rhetorical question that Mr. Meimarakis addressed to the reporters. 


These statements of Mr. Meimarakis completely affirm our positions and give a resonant answer to specific demagogues of N.D., who pretend to be the patriots and the fighters of communism and by behaving “smartly” they declare that they will vote against the measures of the government. Well, these are measures that derive from the vote of the SYRIZA memorandum, at 14th August of 2015. 


Well, because verba volant, scripta manent, I shall present an excerpt of my speech at 14th of August of 2015, where I denounce New Democracy and SYRIZA and I stress that in the end they manifest the same policy. At the 14th of August of 2015 I declare in my speech in the Greek Parliament: 


“Few days ago I observed in a television channel a representative of New democracy who was saying that Golden Dawn has an underground agreement with SYRIZA. However it is you that vote along with SYRIZA the memorandum. Same goes from the side of SYRIZA, that we collaborate with New Democracy. Do not worry. We are not with any of them. We are Greek Nationalists. We are against the capitalists and the marxists. Our slogan is: ”neither Marx, neither Rockefeller”. 


“The measures of the memorandum of SYRIZA are harsh and severe. There is no cover in any way neither for New Democracy, nor for PASOK, not Potami, who are about to vote for this agreement. The memorandum proposed by SYRIZA is not going to end well, in no case.”


“In any case, we shall continue in the same policy, like at 2010, against any Memorandum, against the English law, against all agreements that turn our Homeland into a colony of debt.”


So, they have better stop the pretentious policy  of “no vote” the “smart guys” of N.D. , who by crying hysterically, try to persuade the people that they are the…opposition! 


Following the great fraud of the plans “Zappeio” of Samaras, since November 2011, N.D. loyally follows the policy of memoranda and this cannot change no matter how many sophistries they might come up with, trying to persuade the people that they are something different from SYRIZA. Of course, the point where their comic rhetoric resembles to a comedy, is the fact that despite their movement to the center, they still insist that people should vote for them in order to get rid of the left wing!


In reality, N.D. is so left as SYRIZA, and reversely, SYRIZA is so right as NEW DEMOCRACY…


Towards them all, lies the National Opposition, GOLDEN DAWN, who fights with consistency, receiving the polemics of everyone, for the shake of national state without memoranda, for the return of Greece to the national sovereignty. 


Nikolaos G.Michaloliakos

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn