Syriza undermines our armed forces: Calls for the shutting down of military Training Camps

29/05/2015 15:40
For those that have been following Syriza’s ‘security’ model (or lack thereof), you may have remembered their insane decision to disarm the riot police in order to maximise public safety. Now Syriza’s National Deputy of Defence, Nikos Toskas, is trying to outdo the Minister for Public Order in making Greece as vulnerable as possible. Toskas announced plans for a restructure of the entire Greek armed forces following an ‘examination’ of training centres, to which he states ‘we have a lot of question marks as to certain training camps and their necessity’.
So what does Toskas mean by ‘necessity’ with regards to the training centres? It means he plans to scrap many of them, in order to sell out our national defence to help re-direct funds to the coffers of the International Loan Sharks. Nikos stated that ‘of the 13 existing training centres that facilitate recruits throughout Greece, there are  only 3-4 we believe are necessary’. This shocking attempt to weaken our National defence force, when Turkey continues to strengthen their military and invade our air space on a weekly basis, while ISIS terrorises the not-so distant Middle East, is another utterly ridiculous initiative by the extreme left which is turning Greece into a soft target.
The reasons behind Syriza’s betrayal of our armed forces are just as ideological as they are financial. The extreme left that is currently governing Greece operate on an ideological platform that deeply despises the army and the traditional fatherland. They believe they exist in a world where there are no recognizable ethnic groups, and our land belongs to anyone, which in turn will not be protected by our army, but by that of ‘international forums’ that will engage in dialogue for the interests of ‘global solidarity’. These are the same people who tell us to forget our boarders because ‘the Aegean belongs to the fish’, while Turkey secures islands and our maritime boarders with their military might.
The fools at Syriza don’t seem to realise how leftist pacifism benefits the militant states that exploit weaknesses such as this. Syriza may learn the hard way when Albanian terrorists operating in the Balkans, or Islamo-Fanatics flying the flag of ISIS may not share their interest in ‘global workers solidarity’, should the conflict ever spread to Greece.
The closure of our training defence centres will strike a massive blow to the readiness and effectiveness of our armed forces. This is deeply concerning given the rising tension in the region, and the increased threat of conflict with Greece. Perhaps with more freed up buildings from the abandonment of our training centres, Syriza’s Immigration Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou may try and convert them into free refugee camps for illegal invaders, just as she did with luxury hotels on some of our best Greek islands. Such is the un-patriotic priorities of our anti-Greek elite.