The Business of Illegal Immigration: Money, A Lot of Money…

29/04/2015 15:15

Article by Thodoris Tselas, Translated by Golden Dawn New York
95 immigrants paid between €4,000 and €4,700 to traffickers so that they may come to a country where there is the mother of all famines…! And yet, they invade by the thousands… Think for a moment. The 2,000,000 that want to cross the border x €4,000 = CHAOS for us, but millions for the traffickers.
We’ll look past that they are trying to convince us that these people “were wealthy people that lived in camps in Turkey (where looting was commonplace) and held savings of thousands of euros on them”, we’ll look past that with monthly pay of €50 they were able to saved this type of money, or the lie that their relatives are selling their fortunes to collect this money…
The profits of these Turkish traffickers’ are estimated to be between $380,000 and $450,000 for transporting these 95 illegal immigrants to Rafina, from the Turkish coast, where the sailed the entire Aegean undisturbed. The three professional Turkish transporters were arrested, but with $400,000 in their pockets, they can survive Greek prison.
Of course this isn’t gross profit, since beforehand the typical bribe to the Turkish coastguards was given, and so the transporting was profitable for everyone.  
P.S. Now, who is needier in this particular case is debatable:  The Greek citizen who doesn’t have the essentials for daily living or the illegal immigrants that have $4,000 to pay for a trip and then some on them?
But the most important thing of all are the secret funds from Riyadh and Doha that fuel the “immigrant” trafficking circles, and whose aim is of course to rapidly increasing the Muslim population in Europe.  But that’s the “fine” print. It’s what’s important for the “humanitarian” issue and the cheerfulness of lady-Tasia.