The cheaters together in a political party. The processes started for the Big Memorandum Coalition of New Democracy Pasok and the River!

05/05/2015 15:35

The tratory political parties which are the gangrene of our political system, operate like the ancient Greek mythic monster 'lernea hydra'. Some times the Greek people have sent these political garbage into the history drawer, but all of a sudden the politicians find a way to return to the central political scene with the backs of the local and foreign usurers.

So to serve better the interests of the foreign economic oligarchy from the submissive Syriza, a large coalition is needed with a different face which will seek to obtain the political power. The first hint was given by Samaras who had come into contact with Venizelos and Theodorakis in order to formulate a common policy to the issues of negotiation since the convergence is more than obvious. In the tv show that Samaras was actually a guest, admitted with a relevant hint that there are many common points of contact also with Pasok  because were better governmental partners , and the only thing that prevents them is the existing electoral law which prevents the parties in coalition to get the bonus of the 50 parliamentary seats.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his interview to the 'Real News' newspaper noted that " if for any reason the country will go to elections, when there will be a real challenge rupture with the rest of Europe, the urban political forces will find a common ground and  they will unify the european front". In other words the alleged differences of New Democracy with Pasok and the River could be bridged in one night with instructions above.

This clear revelation for a common descent in the next elections was made yesterday by the New Democracy secretary Andreas Papamimikos in a conference organized by the 'think tank' of Anna Diamantopoulou and subject (Partner Governments, method frame and accountability). Papamimikos said that there is a great need for a great partnership between New Democracy Pasok and the River, and he claimed that "we have no choice we must begin our covergence immediately".

The only problem which occurs is that a coalition of parties with a common candidate for prime minister and mutual political program should be able to get the bonus of the 50 parliamentary seats in case of an electoral wining. but also this kind of problem could be solved with the blessings of the foreign bosses.We are in front of an unprecedent political project, all the thieves to a memorandum political party. The answer will be given from the Greek people when the time comes, Golden Dawn for a free and clear nation!


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