The debt is illegal! - Article by the Leader of Golden Dawn N. G. Michaloliakos

08/04/2017 18:09

The debt is illegal! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

SYRIZA officially admits it, but forces Greek People top pay for it!


During the debate at the Parliament that took place due to the establishing of a commission of enquiry for Giannos Papantoniou, I proved that according to the positions of SYRIZA, as they are presented in the recommendation for the establishing of a commission of enquiry, the debt –because of this debt Greek People are devastated- is illegal. 


The following come from the minutes of the Parliament and from my speech at Tuesday 28 March of 2017:


“There is no coincidence that the Special Parliamentary Committee for Papantoniou came at this time, when the Greek People are threatened by the new devastating measures of the memorandum of SYRIZA, which was voted by New Democracy, PASOK and Potami, at the 14th of August 2015. 


The case regarding the debts of the channels and the debt of the political parties is also recent, where you literally did nothing. And your conclusion was that there is no criminal responsibility for all these loans, all these indescribable things that were heard into the Parliament, for the debts of 200 million to the political parties, of hundred million to the media. Well, there will be no result from this Special Parliamentary Commission. 


SYRIZA and Independent Greeks drafted a recommendation towards the Greek Parliament, which constitutes the issue of the current conference. In this, addressed to the Greek Parliament, recommendation it is reported that it constitutes “the establishing of a Special Parliamentary Commission for conducting a preliminary examination, pursuant to article 86, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, regarding the criminal responsibility of Ministers”. 


At the prelude of this recommendation you report –this really impressed me- the following characteristic: "the armament programs” uttered by your parliament representative “has always been a source of danger for the corruption of structures and persons”. No, gentlemen, that is no true. The armament programs were not always a source of corruption. They became a source of corruption, when the state of middlemen was established. When the Greek Armed Forces ordered directly their weapons systems, there were neither corruptions, nor middlemen. 


Afterwards in this recommendation you imply: “The following reported armament programs are referred to a general period of actions and omissions of the old political system that led the country to the bankruptcy. Do you still insist that they were the old political system and you are the new one? We have not seen such thing. “Stock exchange, armament programs, excess of Olympic establishments, loans to the media and the political parties constituted the picture of interdependence and corruption”. 


In few words, very simply, you invoke that all these –armament programs, expenses of 2004 etc.- led the country to the bankruptcy. I shall read the definition according to the international law for the intolerable debt.


Well, according to the international law, the intolerable debt, also known as illegal debt, is a legal theory according to which the national debt that has been created by a regime due to reasons that do not serve the national interests should not be executable. As a consequence, this kind of debts are considered by this theory as the debts of the regime that created them and not debts of the state. 


And at this point I may ask-because the major problem of the country is the external debt- why you do not denounce the external debt as you have been promised and you tricked Greek people during January of 2015 and September of 2015? You are the ones that clearly and distinctly insist in this enquiry that this debt is illegal. You are not going to make it happen, because you are nothing else than the continuation of the old political establishment. 


The position of Golden Dawn is clear. We believe in the denouncement of the debt and in the international audit report.


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn