The dictatorship of the ignorant, the stupid and the corrupted is here! - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

25/03/2017 19:05

The dictatorship of the ignorant, the stupid and the corrupted is here! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

“Lew idees modernes, the modern civilization with its mason, its philanthropy, its solidarity, its parliamentarism, conspire against us” ION DRAGOUMIS


An international economic forum took place at the beginning of the month at Delphi. Well, I cannot really imagine the relation between the economy and the apollonic ideal whose sphere is placed at Delphi. In any way, however, the rates of interest and the global predatory of a financial system of a fainting capitalism have no relation with the miracle of the Charioteer, of the statue that constitutes the symbol of Apollo’s beauty. 


So, in the context of this international economic forum, there were recommendations that had nothing to do with the economy. One of these recommendations, whom I noticed from an article in the newspaper “DIMOKRATIA” of Mr. G. Stratos, with the title “Talking about the onslaught of the ignorance” was the recommendation of the historian Mr. Dertilis whose theme was “The Tyranny of Ignorance”:  


“The dictatorship of the ignorant approaches. Nowadays there are half-taught graduates at a rate of 50%-75%. This population is the largest tank of voters. Adding the unavoidable stupid, this is the electorate which rewards the demagogues. The ignorant stupid is a common and familiar type of man. He will easily accept to serve or even be enslaved to a great demagogue. The dictatorship of the ignorant approaches…”


According to the words of Mr. Dertilis, “The dictatorship of the ignorant approaches”. Is he sure that it approaches, or this dictatorship has already arrived and prevails in the public life of the country? As he reports, the addition of the ignorant and stupid creates an electorate that rewards the demagogues. If in this category we add the opportunists, the utilitarian and the submissive to the governance –for their own profit- which are included in the electorate, then we evidently refer to the majority!


Yet, the next question is “who” and “how” can exploit this mishmash of ignorant, stupid and opportunists? Who is the one that gains their favor? No others, than those who acquire the power of “how”. In simple words, those who manipulate with money -dirty money- the media, are the ones who gain the favor of the mob, which is translated in votes during the election period. 


Does this happen exclusively nowadays? Is it the result of the current degeneration and the ignorance and is it about a phenomenon solely of the representative democracy, as is was formed after the French and later the Industrial revolution? The quick answer is yes. When someone, though, studies History and especially the History of Ancient Athens, which was a real democracy and not the fake democracy of channels and propaganda, then he understands that the problem is deeper and surpasses the current era. 


When the “ignorant” of the times of Ancient Athens, being illiterate, asked form Aristides, for whom he knew nothing about, to write his own name on the conch, with the aim of his exile, then someone perceives that there is a pathogenesis in this process since its birth and it is not a characteristic of the current era. 


But let us return to our times, where the oligarchy of media and money, being in debt and having received money from the short supplies of Greek People, from bank paid by our People, define the political life of this land, then we not only talk about the dictatorship of ignorant and stupid, but also regarding the dictatorship of corrupted, who hold in their hands the brain washing of an entire people!


Yet, there is hope and this hope is the fact that fewer and fewer Greeks believe in the propagandists of the system and the visible proof for that is our Movement, GOLDEN DAWN. Because if the totality of people were believing at media, not only would fall –but it rises vigorously in the political sphere- but also it would not exist. 


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn