The E.LA.M. and the Golden Dawn in the memory march of Sébastien Deyzieu

13/05/2015 15:41

Over 250 people gathered in the centre of the French capital to commemorate the French comrade Sébastien Deyzieu who was murdered in 1994.

On 7 May of 1994 in Paris Nationalist Youth organizations organized a protest march against American imperialism.  The police attacked the protesters and broke up the course, and during the chase by the police in Paris, the 22-year old French natinalist Sebastien Deyzieu, under unclear circumstances, fell from the fifth floor of an apartment building where he was persecuted.

Every year a peaceful march in his memory with banner that denouncing as murderers the police of Paris.

The Committee May 9th, the organizer of the event for the memory of Sébastien, had sent an invitation to the People's Association - Golden Dawn and the National People's Front (ELAM), so the banners of the two Greek Movements waved the in streets of Paris with the black mourning flags and the flag of Italy which was held by the comrades of CasaPound.

The silent march started from the center of Paris and ended up outside the building where our comrade was murdered.


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