The Financial Times Warns the International Loan Sharks: Support SYRIZA of Else Golden Dawn Will be Next

22/04/2015 15:35
From the first moment Golden Dawn entered the Greek Parliament, she has constitutes the only reason why some things are moving in a positive direction, in various fields.  We remind that prior to Golden Dawn entering parliament, the Greek Parliament had no intention of dealing with corruption, with the phenomenon of illegal immigration, or for any disassociation to the demands of the international loan sharks.
With Golden Dawn’s parliament entry, the global establishment saw the emergence of the only political force that intended to combat it.  Thus several steps were taken, even if they were disingenuous, in order for the people to see that the political system was moving forward.  Of course these disingenuous steps had no impact and further angered the people.  A characteristic example is the “punishment” of Papaconstantinou in the Lagarde List case.
The political system’s failures to contend with Golden Dawn politically, led to the conspiracy against the Greek Nationalist’s Movement.  The fact that even this failed to restrain Golden Dawn has now fueled a series of statement by various “intellectuals” in order to build support for SYRIZA at any price, because of their fear of Golden Dawn.
Aside from Chomsky, Gray, Krugman and others, added to the list now is an article by the highly systemic and memorandum supporting U.S. newspaper, The Financial Times, where the following was stated:
“No compromise with the EU-IMF lenders — will see the government run out of cash next month, leaving Greece unable to meet foreign debt repayments or even to pay state pensions and public sector salaries.  According to this scenario, Greece would be forced to leave the euro, she will be driven in to economic misery, while the venomous political scene that would result would threaten the very democracy of the country itself.  If SYRIZA fails, like its predecessors, then it will benefit the Golden Dawn, which ranks third in the polls.”
The article calls for both Schäuble and Merkel to take care with the agreement they reach with SYRIZA.  It urges them to leave the scope of communication wide, in order to convince the people that the new memorandum will be called something else.  And to leave the scope wide for the possibility of some propaganda campaigns, such as the bill for the humanitarian crisis, in hopes that they aren’t completely humiliated.
Because after SYRIZA is humiliated, Golden Dawn will arrive!