The Greek Nationalists honored the last defenders of the Byzantine Empire - Photoreport/Video

01/06/2015 16:44

With a modest and simple ceremony, as befits to the Immortal Heroes of Hellenism, thousands of Greek Nationalists honored the Marbled King Constantine Paleologos and the last defenders of Constantinople.

The event was opened by the illegally imprisoned MP Attica Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris, who recounted the dramatic events of the Fall of Constantinople in May 29, 1453. The CV Comrade Christos Pappas emphasized that it is duty of all Greek Nationalists to awaken our people to fight for Fatherland and Freedom, as our Nation is in danger of extinction.

The MP of Athens Comrade Ilias Panagiotaros pointed out that against the anti-Greek state Golden Dawn remains upright and fights for national independence and popular sovereignty.

The MP of Serres Comrade Artemis Matthaiopoulos declared that today only the People Association - Golden Dawn honored the Marbled King and the last defenders of Constantinople, as we do not believe in "Greek-Turkish friendship" of the retreat and the servility of politicians.

The director of the patriotic newspaper "Forward" Comrade Irene Dimopoulou - Pappa urged the thousands of Nationalists to pass on the light of Liberty, the light of Greece and live as free people, as Greeks!

After was heard the voice message of the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos, who remains a political prisoner under house arrest. The General Secretary of the Movement pointed out that despite the continuing political persecutions and the terrorism of the state and the parastate Greek nationalists break the ''deal of silence'' and continue to fight. Standing in a world of ruins the Goldendawners keep alive in their souls the legend of the Marbled King.

Then, one minute of silence was kept in memory of the Fallen Heroes of Hellenism and wreath was deposited, on behalf our Leader, by the Comrade Ioannis Vouldis at the statue of Constantine Paleologos. The event ended with everyone at attention chanting the "Ti ipermaho Stratigo"(''Unto the Defender General''), the National Anthem and the Anthem of the Movement.


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