The illegal immigration flows are increasing again – Over 330 arrived in Chios and Lesbos in the past 48 hours

20/03/2017 19:12


 The weather hasn’t even had chance to change yet and the illegal immigration flows have already begun increasing.  


Of course, we mustn’t forget that the reactivation of the Treaty of Dublin II by Europeans this season, can be considered anything but coincidental!


Increased flows were recorded during the last 48 hours in the islands of the northern Aegean – Chios today for the first time has more entrapped aliens than Lesbos.


Since Friday morning until today, Sunday morning, 100
individuals arrived in Lesbos while 230 individuals arrived in Chios. In Samos,the flows were zero.


The event resulted in Chios today having more entrapped
illegal immigrants than Lesbos
, who have requested that their application for
asylum to be considered.


According to official data from the General Police
Directorate of the northern Aegean, in total, on the islands at the camps and other structures there are currently 8,607 persons.  From this total 3,390 are in Lesbos, 3,490 in Chios, and 1,727 in Samos.