The Islamic arc encircles Greece: Turkey now arming the Albanian army

10/06/2015 15:16


Since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, Turkey has been very involved in shaping the modern state of Albania. Ankara has tried relentlessly to bring Tirane (and Bosnia for that matter) into the Turkish zone of influence, in order to anchor their hooks once again in Europe, in order to establish another imperial anchor for Islam in the Balkans. This Neo-Ottoman aggression against Christians in the Balkans receives blessings from Washington, who see Turkey and Albania as important strategic allies in South-Eastern Europe.
Many political parties in Albania receive direct support from Turkey and the Turkish Secret Services (MIT), one in particular is the ‘Red and Black Alliance’ party. The Red and Black Alliance is headed by Albanian politician and servant of Turkey, Mr Kreshnik Spahiu, who is also a well known terrorist supporter in Kosovo. Spahiu is also the preferred partner of the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among other Zionist Think Tanks and lobby groups based in Washington.
At the heart of all Albanian parties, regardless of their political differences, is the creation of ‘Greater Albania’, which includes the annexation of Greek, Serbian, and Skopjian territories through armed intervention by known terrorist groups. While plans for the annexation of Greek territories are still in their initial plans, we can get a taste of what is to come by looking at the Albanian insurgency in Skopje, as well as the almost final result in Serbian Kosovo. All these expansionist campaigns have been financed from the proceeds of heroin and human trafficking by the Albanian Mafia, as well as the deep coffers of American, Turkish and Zionist special interest groups.
The Albanian economy is dominated by a very large percentage of Turkish & American foreign interests. Prime examples include the National Albanian power system, which is controlled by a Turkish company, while highways are constructed almost entirely by a joint American and Turkish Consortium; Bechtel-Enka. Albania boasts a large number of mosques in the country that have been built by the likes of Turkey and Qatar, with the largest mosque in the Balkans now been directly financed by Turkey (totalling over 30 billion in expenses alone).
Turkey’s most recent move has been the training of Albanian officers in Turkish military schools, while equipping the mechanised units of the Albanian army (such as military transports and light tanks) which are now being manufactured and provided by Turkey. This has now been ongoing for some time now, with Turkish training almost a national tradition for the Albanian armed forces.
The purpose of this training is not for the national defence of Albania, but to help create an Islamic arch of influence from which Turkey can once again threaten the Christian states of the Balkans. The arming of Albania by Turkey is an integral part of building ‘Greater Albania’, with many of the training and arms inevitably being passed on Albanian terrorist groups such as former KLA. The expansion of Muslim Albania in the Balkans further weakens the independent states of the Balkans, making it easier for Turkey to dominate the region. The benefits of Greater Albania also extend to the Americans, who wish to maintain a permanent base in the Balkans in order to control the vital energy reserves and hydrocarbon pipelines in order to counteract Russia’s influence in the Mediterranean.
Albania, like Turkey, will never be part of the European family, and their open hostility to Europe, as well as the jihadists they send to Syria, will not go unchallenged. It is the policy of Golden Dawn that all Albanian and Turkish agents be expelled from Greece, with top priority given to the rebuilding of our armed forces in order to protect our nation from hostile neighbours.