The MEPs of Golden Dawn stand with Syria

17/07/2015 16:50


 The MEPs of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn Generals Eleftherios Synadinos, George Epitidios and Mr. Lampros Fountoulis had a meeting with the President of the Syrian Community Italy Mr. Jamal Abo Abbas.


 Due to the closing of several embassies of Syria by Western governments, Syrian immigrants(loyal to their government and their people) took the role of the diplomats. So at the request of Mr. Abo Abbas and the NGO "European Solidarity Front for Syria" meeting took place with the MEPs of Golden Dawn and the operators of the "Front" and the Syrian Community.



 Among other things were discussed the general situation in Syria, their experiences of terrorism as well as the next day, for Europe, in case that Syria  get occupied. Also was mentioned the role played by the US, Israel, Turkey and the Gulf countries, in the war in Syria and how they support the Islamic State.