The orphans of Marx are here - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

06/03/2017 23:06

The orphans of Marx are here-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

When ERT censored Golden Dawn


According to the Constitution, the television stations ought to present the political parties of the parliament, a duty that is neglected when it comes to the Popular Nationalistic Movement, GOLDEN DAWN. Concerning the private television stations, given the state of their function, we conceive the reason they fight GOLDEN DAWN, whether with the conspiracy of silence, whether with the constant calumniation of our Movement. However it is supposed that the public television should have been different, since all Greeks pay her and she is forced to act according to the legislation.


Well, once a month, ERT is obliged to broadcast the conferences of the parliamentary groups of the political parties and while she regularly broadcasts the conference of political parties, which barely surpassed 3% and probably will not enter the parliament ever again, she does not do the same for the third political party of the country. Of course, ESR is responsible for this comportment, since with this controversial circular it gave the right to ERT to make a preventive censorship to the conferences of the parliamentary group of GOLDEN DAWN. 


So, at Friday February 24 of 2017, when took place my speech to the MPs and the members of my political party, at 17:30, even though there was an anonymous notification from ERT that the conference would be broadcasted the next day, we were finally informed that: “the Commission of Ethics of ERT, after having heard the speech of the Chairman of Golden Dawn Mr. Nikos Michaloliakos at the Parliamentary Group of the party at 24/02/2017, unanimously decided that the speech cannot be broadcasted by the Public Television, due to the rhetoric of hate and racism”. 


Of course, the speech had no “rhetoric of hate and racism” and Justice and ESR will be responsible for this fact. GOLDEN DAWN is about to proceed to all the legal measures against the illegal decision of her exclusion. 


The trade unionists if this excessively injurious public organization, paid by Greek people, came to support ERT, these trade unionists, who definitely declare that they shall never broadcast any action of the legally elected political party of GOLDEN DAWN. Here is a typical excerpt of the relevant announcement of the orphans of Marx: 


“P.O.S.P.E.R.T. , Friday, February 24 of 2017, OPEN LETTER TO THE DIRECTION OF ERT: 


“…we inform that every time that a broadcast of the criminal organization of Golden Dawn is programmed in ERT, in any way, there will be strikes during these broadcasts, so that there will be no chance for any broadcast of Golden dawn to take place…”


The part of their announcement where they claim that they are aligned with all the entities which do not desire the broadcast of Golden Dawn and report “the parties which support the government”, is especially interesting…


Yet, there are no “many” political parties which support the government, but only one, ANEL, the political party of Panos Kammenos which politically bleeds and tries through the public mechanism to strike GOLDEN DAWN, hoping that is will save itself from the political disaster that approaches. 


Also, in this announcement P.O.S.P.E.R.T. does not acknowledge the rights of GOLDEN DAWN as a …legal political party,  while in the same time the Supreme Court acknowledge these right and enabled GOLDEN DAWN to participate in the elections and of course Greek People who voted for her! 


The audacity of these bolsheviks has no end and their stalinist mentality is granted. So, these orphans of Marx believe that by supporting an antinational government they can stop GOLDEN DAWN. They are mistaken. 


For all those who do not know, the part of broadcast at ERT, where they present the events of GOLDEN DAWN approaches the high rate of…1%. So, after the exclusion of our party from the channel of 1%, we really feel shocked…


I finish, stating the fact that since May of 2012 when I was elected MP with the votes of Greek People and not from the channels of the “crooks”, private or public, I have never stepped, even once, I have not taken a single invitation from the public television and yet GOLDEN DAWN is today the third political power of the country!


Goodnight “tovarishchi”. GOLDEN DAWN is coming and if you have not heard about it, your father Stalin has left this world, mane years ago…


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn