The presence of Golden Dawn in the first Nationalist Congress against state repression - Photoreport

14/05/2015 16:12

On 9 and 10 May 2015, the heart of Europe beated dynamically aand nationalistic in Paris, where took place, under the auspices of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom whose secretary has been elected the Golden Dawn MP, Artemis Matthaiopoulos, the first Forum of Europe against the persecution and repression that attempt the political police and foreign rulers against European patriots.

On the first day during a a press conference were presented concrete examples and cases with exceptional similarities between them, testifying the common power centers from which emanates the planning and the attacks against patriots.

There followed presentations of nationalist parties, issues that concern them and their scandalous treatment from powers which call themselves democratic despite their provocative undemocratic policies.

For the persecutions that faces the Sosial Nationalist Movement of Golden Dawn spoke the director of the newspaper EMPROS(Forward), Irene Dimopoulou-Pappa. After referring to the need for spreading our ideas in the society and for unity and organizing among the patriots, no matter how they approach patriotism (nationalists, royalists, traditional religious, etc.) on certain fundamental values, ended her speech by saying,  "Forward, for our comrades, for our ancestors, our children, for our own selves. Forward for the Golden Dawn which will soon risen over the nice, great and powerful homeland the land of the Europe of Nations. Hail victory! ".

The evening of the same day was held a march in memory of Sébastien Deyzieu.

The next day, the Golden Dawn was represented on both marches organized in the morning and in the afternoon by organizations from all over France, in honor of the French national heroine, Joan of Arc.

The slogans that vibrated the central boulevards of Paris and the speeches beneath the statue, show that the Patriots regardless of personal preferences and deviations are determined to work for the unity and the strengthening of the patriotic movement against the threats to the existence and survival of the European nations.

The solidarity of the European nationalists to the Golden Dawn, our Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and the persecuted comrades was moving, and so is their determination to continue steadfast the common struggle for a free, independent and strong Europe of the Traditions the People and the Homelands .


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