The so called ''Greek'' Foreign Ministry serves the interests of Jews first

15/06/2015 16:55
Two incidents have taken place in recent days, which helps provide a bit of insight into the values and priorities of Greece’s Marxist controlled Foreign Ministry. Special attention will be given to known traitor Kotzias, who before taking over the Foreign Ministry, was the main ideological Architect of the anti-Greek communist party.
The first incident took place in occupied Constantinople, when Islamic terrorists attacked the Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity with Molotov cocktails. The criminal act took place earlier this week, with a deranged Turko-Mongol yelling ‘Allah Akbur’ while the entrance to the church continued to burn from the attack. The attack on our religion, and a sacred holy site received not a single word from the Greek Foreign Ministry.
Within only a few days of the attack, another incident took place at Paphos Square in Athens, were it was reported that a commemorative plaque dedicated to the Jews of Greece was vandalised. Without a single moment to spare, Kotzias and the so called ‘Greek’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately condemned the attack and released the following statement:
‘We express our indignation to this intolerant act, which saw the desecration of a monument that was dedicated to the memory of innocent Jewish victims to the horrors of Nazism & fascism. This barbaric act is an insult to Greek society and we entirely condemn it.
The Greek Government and all of Greek society expressed their solidarity to the Israelites and our fellow compatriots, and together we fight for more tolerance, the elimination of intolerance & racism, and the marginalization of the individual components that nurture through hatred and promote discord within the Greek society’.
It is important for our readers to note the difference in care factor shown from the Foreign Ministry to these two events, which took place only days apart. It is clear that Kotzias and our Marxist occupied Government cares not for our history, our people, our religion, our safety or our national dignity, but are more than willing to shed tears for the fake oppression of Greece’s Jewish community, who make up less than a quarter of a percent of Greece’s total population.
Furthermore, the latter incident happened within Greece, which makes it the responsibility of the Citizen Protection. Since when is it the responsibility of the Greek Foreign Policy to comment on domestic events? Perhaps Jewish privilege has extended itself to special preferential rights over ethnic Greeks in the eyes of our laughable Foreign Ministry, who we were told would guarantee the protection of our national foreign interests.