The sweeping speech of N. G. Michaloliakos that was banned by the state TV of SYRIZA - VIDEO

05/03/2017 17:47

The speech of the Leader of Golden Dawn in the Parliamentary Group of the party was illegally banned by the ERT Ethics Committee with the unacceptable pretext that “it is not transmissible by Public Broadcasting because it is dotted by hate and racist speech” 


Golden Dawn will exhaust all legal means and will appeal against the slanderer state-officials of the Memorandum, who have once again violated the Greek Constitution.


The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn addressed the Parliamentary Group of the party. First, he deplored the Stalinist censorship of the ERT, which, in violation of the Constitution and the idea of pluralism, didn’t broadcast live the speech of the Leader of the third party in the country, but even stooped so low as to ban even its live broadcast on the internet.


Nicholas G. Michaloliakos noted that the systemic propagandists censor Golden Dawn, because they tremble even our last word. In response to the current voter of ND, Theodor Pangalos, he answered that the People were not corrupt, but the rotten political system forced them to pass from the political offices to find a job.


Then, he lashed out at the SYRIZA government that protects the anarchist-communist paramilitary groups, who assault against anyone that resists. The bandits of the left paramilitary groups launch daily attacks on the offices of Golden Dawn, but these are not sufficient to curb the moral and stop the Fight of the Greek Nationalists.


ND remains silent about the attacks of the red terrorists, because she is the one who opened the gates to Communism. The neoliberal ND is as dangerous for the nation as SYRIZA. The only National choice is Golden Dawn!


Commenting on the dead-end and destructive policies of the Memoranda, he noted that a possible Grexit would cost Germany 796 billion euros, an amount twice our public debt.


He denounced the supposedly patriotic alibi of the SYRIZA government, the ANEL party, stressing that Tsipras and Kammenos are accomplices in treason. Responding to the systemic propaganda and the Golden Dawn persecutions, he said that we do not make any declarations of repentance and no Stalinist censorship can stop the rise of Golden Dawn.


N. G. Michaloliakos ended his speech by addressing a call to all Greeks to join the Fight of the Greek Nationalists: “Raise the banner of the revolutionary National Idea. Only then can Greece be saved. If you want to resist, there is a place next to us. If you want to live, you must fight, because nothing is for free in this world. Raise the banners high! Fight for Faith, Fatherland and Freedom”.