The trial begins

22/04/2015 22:16
The long awaited trial of Golden Dawn finally begins, here on the 20th of April. The historical trial represents the doings of the largest political persecution in Greece since the fall of the Junta, a trial that will shape the future of modern Greece.
Experts predict the trial will take many months, at least 6-8 and possibly extending to a year.
The civil lawsuit that will take place this week will inevitably lead to the acquittal of Golden Dawn MPs and leaders, and will demonstrate to the people of Greece how this is nothing more than a political crackdown by the previous criminal New Democracy/PASOK regime.
The case against Golden Dawn is bound to fail because it is based on the ridiculous idea that the 3rd largest party of Greece is a ‘criminal organisation’.  Unfortunately for the conspirators, the Palermo Convention (which Greece signed) describes an organised criminal group as having a financial interest or purpose in their organisation. The Golden Dawn, to date, is the only political party in Greece that has been investigated by the SDOE (financial crimes squad), and found to be completely clean in their finances. The SDOE officially proved that Golden Dawn has nothing to hide, unlike the treacherous establishment parties of New Democracy, PASOK and the KKE, who have been linked to numerous financial scandals, and yet never investigated for the worthless criminal gang they are.
It is also worth mentioning that one of the leading Justice Officials in the trumped up charges against Golden Dawn is Isidoros Dogiakos, who was found on a recording being ordered by former Prime Minister Samaras to ‘fuck’ Golden Dawn.  Earlier to the recording, was the famous video of the Baltakos scandal, where Samaras’ former chief advisor confessed to the political crackdown of Golden Dawn, which was orchestrated by the government to prevent the growing Nationalists rise to power.
The acquittal of Golden Dawn in court, along with the uncontrollable recent acceleration of illegal immigrants into Greece, as well as the failure of Syriza to stabilise the economy as promised, will lead to the inevitable rise of a Nationalist Greece. As Tsipras breaks all his promises to the Greek people, and continues to enforce the memorandum, Golden Dawn remains the only viable option for the Greek people to break their nation from the clutches of the international usurers.