The truth behind Illegal Immigration

03/05/2015 16:53
We are witnessing on a daily basis, the constant waves of illegal immigrants who are flooding our nation and Europe. The media for the umpteenth time continues to shed tears for illegals, who they have now baptised as ‘refugees’, in order to take advantage of the altruistic feelings of the hospitable Greeks.
Thousands of illegal immigrants come to Hellas almost weekly from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Eritrea, Gambia, Somalia, Senegal and Tunisia, as well as many other countries that have been destabilised by the Zionist war lobbies that occupy Washington DC and the City of London. War, violence and terrorism are the cause of escapism from the aforementioned countries, all funded by Saudi Arabia and supported by Turkey's secret services, in order to flood Europe with millions of Muslims.
The wars in the Middle East and North Africa were purposely orchestrated by the Zionist lobbies in Washington, alongside their NATO lackeys in Europe, in order to further Israel’s foreign interests in the region, to destabilise nationalist states in the Middle East. This is the real reason for the flood of illegal immigrants, along with the treacherous Cultural Marxist who welcome every last refugee, with no intention of checking them for diseases, links to organised crime or terrorism. The background behind illegal immigration is not discussed by our politicians, who instead rush to accommodate the thousands of invaders, including renovating deluxe hotels for illegals . 
The reasons for this crisis is simply the aggressive geopolitical stance of NATO, coupled by the capitalists lobbyists who seek the economic exploitation of illegals who now serve as cheap labour.
Terrorism, as seen in the case of the Islamic State, was a result of Zionist lobbies forcing the United States to invade Iraq, as well as the United States Judeo-friendly allies funding the terrorist to destabilise the Pan-Shiite triangle in the Middle East.  It is no coincidence that the refugees in Greece are coming from these very same nations that are being harassed by the US and their allies, and the latest example now comes to light in Yemen. The medieval Wahabi-Theocracy of Saudi Arabia, is now involving itself with force in Yemen’s internal affairs at the behest of Washington. The purpose here is to curb the rise of Iran’s influence in the region, which the Zionists see as a threat. The result for Europe will be untold masses of refugees from Yemen flooding our boarders, as we have seen with Syria, Iraq and Libya.
The modern propaganda of the establishment is that the Islamic terrorists (Al Nusra, ISIS, Al-Qaeda) and rouge leaders in the Middle East (such as Assad, Gaddafi, Hussein) are a threat to our security and need to be attacked, yet the Muslims flooding our boarders are our friends, who we need to welcome with open arms.
The very opposite of this propaganda proves to be true, as the terrorist thugs of ISIS are incapable of invading the West. Meanwhile, the likes of Gaddafi and Assad maintained order in their nations and prevented civil unrest until the Americans and their allies began funding terrorists groups in their countries to destabilise them. The millions of Muslim refugees that are now displacing Europeans as a result of these overseas wars pose an existential threat to our civilisation, as their population continues to explode in our nations. The millions of unchecked Islamists in Europe also provides  terrorist organisations a platform to potentially attack us through the use of domestic terrorism, further providing more powers for the police state.
Illegal immigration is not only planned, it is a systemically executed plan. It is designed to not only further the interests of Israel and American foreign policy, but also to open up economic doors to further the spread of globalisation. The Judeo-American war machine is responsible for millions of deaths in the Middle East and North Africa, both directly and through the use of proxies, such as Saudi Arabia and the ‘Free Syrian Army’. The result of these wars is forcing millions of Muslims into Europe, laying the demographic time bomb which will lead to major civil unrest in Europe if trends continue. Golden Dawn offers no support to the war lords of Washington DC, will do whatever it takes to shut the boarders of Greece, in order to stop the tide of illegals who are overrunning our nation. The repatriation of illegals will be a 2nd priority, and a strategic shift to Moscow will secure our sovereignty in a world that is being plunged into chaos by the Zionist thugs that currently occupy the Pentagon & Brussels.
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