The Turkish-Albanian alliance against Hellas

17/05/2015 19:47
The Turkish government begins its next move of aggression against Greece and the Christians of the Balkans, in what is now openly understood as an attempt to re-create the Ottoman Empire. In this particular example, Turkey will now use the NATO-satellite state of Albania, to further their imperial interests in the Balkans. As we saw in Kosovo & Skopje, the Washington-Zionist axis has already shown full tolerance and support for ‘Greater Albania’, and will continue to use their Balkan proxies to further their agenda in South-Eastern Europe.
With regard to Hellas, the Turks, in full cooperation with the Marxist traitors of Syriza, are organising to build a mosque in the occupied space of Athens. The mosque will serve as a base for Islamic Jihadists, who have proven to flourish in such environments. The number of militant Islamists in Greece has been known for some time, and is expected to grow with the Syriza sponsored Mosque, that will now act as a symbol for the Muslim occupation of Europe.
On the Albanian front, the Turko-Mongol warlord Erdogan met with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Tirane. This is the first official meeting between the two heads of state, though it is fairly obvious that Erdogan fancies himself a Sultan, while Rama is content with just instigating feuds in the Balkans to further the cause of ‘Greater Albania’. The evidence for this is the recent re-activation of the KLA core, the militant Zionist-backed terrorist arm of the Albanian insurgency which is now provoking Skopje.
The recent agreement between Albania & Turkey includes the building of the largest Mosque in the Balkans, totalling over 30 million Euros. The Mosque will serve as a bunker for the KLA terrorists and their fellow Albanian compatriots who are currently fighting for ISIS. The sequel will include Turkey's strategic investments in Albania, in apparent exchange for geopolitical gains leading to the encirclement of Greece by the Islamic arc.
At the same time in Thrace, Erdogan’s agents in the region continue to rally the Muslims minority, building bridges and alliances between Muslim Nationalists in Greece and Ankara. The latest Erdogan sponsored slogan for Thracian Muslims is ‘if something happens and you are in need, your brothers will come’. The picture is clear, and it is only a matter of time before the Thracian Muslims cry of a fake persecution in order to justify a Turkish invasion in the region, as we saw in Cyprus over 40 years ago.
On a symbolic level, there is still hope Greece, as we can see by the photo of the 2 Muslim leaders at their talks. Watching above Erdogan is the historical Greek leader George Kastrioti, a staunch anti-Turkish resistance fighter from the 15th century, who has been robbed by Albania as their national folk hero.