Thousands of Greek Nationalists in the event of Golden Dawn in Thessaloniki - Photos

28/03/2017 17:20

Thousand nationalists sent the message of National resistance throughout Greece and showed their presence at the speech of N. G. Michaloliakos at Thessalonica.

During the day of the double celebration of the Revolution of 1821 and of the Annunciation of Mother of God, the central hall of Capsis hotel was filled with unbowed Greek Nationalists. 

The nationalistic slogans were vibrating the atmosphere, giving the best answer to the Bolsheviks that try to change history and alter the message of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Comrade Nikos Chrisomalis opened the event, who specified that only the adherent to Golden Dawn fight against the new Turkish occupation and the islamization of our Homeland.

The MEP of Golden Dawn, Georgios Epiteidios stressed the superiority of Greeks, who confronted with abnegation depreciation the Turkish invaders. The historical words of Athanasios Diakos are memorable: “I was born Greek and as Greek I may die!”

Comrade Sotiria Vlahou recited the chronicles of the Revolution at Chalcidice, noting that the members of Golden Dawn are the valuable continuers of our ancestors who sacrificed themselves for the Freedom of our Homeland.

The MP elected in Pella, Giannis Sahinidis stress that the Fight against the anti-Hellenism continues and we confront it day by day.

The MP elected in Kilkis, Christos Chatzisavas noted that as long as there is the dangers of the islamization of Greece, the Revolution is not over!

Comrade Artemis Mathaiopoulos clarifies that when Greeks are in concord, with faith in their Fight, they make miracle happen!

Last and applauded by thousand Nationalists was the Secretary General of People’s Association Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos.

The Leader of Golden Dawn noted firstly that the constant fight against Greek Nationalists miserably fails, since we cannot bend neither from the bullets, nor by the prisons.

The Comrades of Golden dawn give a fair and clear fight and we are hostages to nobody. We were borne and we shall die free, either inside or outside of the prisons.

He noted the constant Turkish provocativeness and the schemes of Erdogan, by sending the message that all of us should be awake in order to save our Homeland.

He reminded that like 1821, the foreign powers did not attributed, but Greeks by themselves freed our Homeland.

He stressed that Greece, like “the young rebel does not bow”, remaining Faithfull to the Fight till the end.

Golden Dawn stands incompatible towards the new Turkish occupation and the propaganda of bolshevism.

The anti-Greeks should better know that they shall not pass, since the words of Theodoros Kolokotronis remain alive: “Fire and Axe to the subservient”! 

The rigorous event ended with the thousand attendants chanting the National Anthem

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