Tribute to Zampitis - murdered by Albanian thugs while protecting our nation

03/05/2015 16:44
This week, we remember the sacrifice of Marino Zampiti, a 25 year old Greek from the Hellenic military, on patrol of our maritime boarders in Corfu. It was the 27th of April, 1997, when the young man breathed his last breath in the Sea of Thesprotia, murdered in cold blood by Albanian criminals.
On that Friday morning, an organised Albanian drug gang had been operating in the distribution of narcotics, destined to poison the people of Greece and Europe. Zampiti was gunned down by Albanian filth, while protecting our boarders from the very same people our Marxist government now welcomes with open arms. Zampatis is yet another shining example of valour, courage and duty, yet treacherously forgotten by the modern Greek state, who prefer instead to honour decadent TV personalities. This lack of moral judgement by our occupational government has led to further decay of our society, when brave heroes are ignored while the state is busy renovating deluxe hotels for illegal invaders. 
The Golden Dawn remembers and honours the memory of Zampati, and all of those who died while on duty to our nation. As far back to the days Xerxes, to Paleologos, to Metaxas, it is a fundamental virtue of Hellenism and to all those of Greek blood to resist the hordes of xeni who invade our nation.
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