Varoufakis: Syriza has 'gone back on many of our pre-election promises'

07/06/2015 15:26
Syriza, along with their controlled media puppets, have made genuine efforts to purposely conceal the lies and empty promises of their pre-election plans to the Greek people. Unfortunately for Syriza, the International media only takes orders from a higher power, with far more money at their disposal, and isn’t obliged to go out of their way to cover up any slip ups from Syriza officials.
It was just yesterday that Tsipras tried to convince us that he ‘will not sign the memorandum’, but is more than happy to sign what he calls the ‘Greek proposal’, which is simply another name for the Syriza version of Greece’s submission to the international loans sharks. Both the original Memorandum, and Tsipras’s ‘Greek Proposal’, leave Greece at the mercy of the IMF and European Banks, however under the ‘Greek proppsal’, the Troika is referred to as our ‘Institutions’, and the memorandum is now called the ‘agreement’. Such petty tricks and semantics is all the Marxists have left in order to deceive the Greek people into thinking they are going to make a stand against the austerity they falsely promised to end.
Despite vigorous efforts, the people have realized that the Government intends to sign a new memorandum with harsh measures against the Greeks, assigning our sovereignty and National jurisdiction of the courts to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In a blatant confession to a German publication, Deutsche Welle, Varoufakis admits that Syriza has ‘crossed many of its red lines’ and that it ‘has gone back on many of our pre-election promises’ in order to ‘strike a deal’. You can watch the full confession here at .57 second mark.
This straight forward admission of Syriza’s election lies is nothing new to the criminal left. The Marxist elite, who claim to be ‘for the working class’, and against ‘corporate interests’, are nothing more than enablers and pimps of the Capitalist usurers.
Take Varoufakis himself, whose grandfather, Giorgos Varoufakis, was a communist guerrilla in the Greek Civil War. Besides siding with Albanian and Bulgarian communists in their war against ordinary Greek villagers, this staunch Marxist went on after the war to become chairman of Greece’s largest steal producer; Halyvourgiki. With a massive surplus income, this supposed anti-big business leftist, and prominent PASOK supporter, ensured his family enjoyed all the privileges of the bourgeois parasite class. Yanis Varoufakis enjoyed growing up in seaside neighbourhoods, attending private schools and prestigious universities in England, all at daddy’s expense.
Varoufakis has never had a real job in his life, a job were he has to sweat in order to put food on the table for his family. Instead, like many well to do Marxists, he floats around in top academic positions, and occasionally lands a corporate contract to act as an ‘advisor’, filling his pockets should he ever need to renovate his lavish home, which overlooks the Parthenon, well out of sight of the growing slums of Athens.
Varoufakis has no loyalty to the working class, because he has never been part of the working class. Unlike Golden Dawn MPs, who come from modest positions, such as bakers & farmers, we cannot expect spoiled leftist academics to fight for our cause. Varoufaki’s loyalty remains firmly to himself and money, evident by the fact he had no problems serving as economic advisor to the PASOK government of George Papandreou, quickly jumping over to the Syriza bandwagon as the PASOK boat started to sink.
The fact he can so calmly and openly admit he has broken his pre-election promises  with not a single sign of remorse or guilt, is testament to the fact that neither Varoufakis, or Syriza, have the will to stand up to the international loan sharks in the interests of the Greek people. Only the Social-Nationalists have the ideology, the will and the connection to the working class, to put Greece first.