“You are born Greek-You do not become one” - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

21/03/2017 18:36

“You are born Greek-You do not become one” Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

According to an enquiry published at “Kathimerini”: 47, 2% of the participants answered that the Greek identity is a matter of genes-The Ideas of Golden Dawn are popular to people. 


“The Greek entity reposes on blood, on language, on the same temples of Gods and sacrifices, on the same traditions” (Herodotus, Ourania 144)

“Yet the blood fluids
Crossing dales and rocks
Blood creates bridges
And moves”



The propaganda at the newspapers and the interdependent channels against the National State is intensified, so whoever dares to support the opinion that Greeks are those of Greek origin is instantly attacked, characterized as “racist” and adherent to Golden Dawn. 


The natural reality that is represented by the Race as an element of the Nation, is crucially questioned and in the same way they question even Herodotus, who defined the meaning of “GREEK”, specifying the same blood, the same language and of course “the same temples of Gods”. They aspire Greeks with…hijab who bow on Allah at the mosques, Greeks from Africa and every part of Asia. They ignore this old dirge of Mani, which I present in the beginning of this text, about the power of the “blood”, the Race, the origin. All these constitute for them the ultimate evil, opposed to their plans about creating in the name of globalization a human herd, a mass of people without national identity. 


The Race is the main element of a Nation. 


The continuation of Greeks, which is proved by anthropologic, linguistic and folklore documents constitutes for all these Fallmerayer is a great lie. According to all of them “blood” is nothing. My response to them is an excerpt from the Spiritual March of Aggelos Sikelianos, where there are references about the “brothers of same blood”: 

“Come my children,
The sun cannot rise on his own
Struggle with knees and bosom
To rise from the mud
Struggle with bosom and knees
To rise him up
Watch, we stand on him
His brothers of the same blood!” 


Yet, all these I report are amply proved from an enquiry published by the newspaper “KATHIMERINI” at Sunday March 5 of 2017, with the title: “GREEKS, EUROPE, WORLD AND NATIONAL IDENTITY”.


The journalist Mr. Giannis Palaiologos comments on this enquiry by interpreting the data. In fact, he notes: “The reserved and phobic disposition towards the immigrants, under the pressure of the immigrant-refugee crisis, is connected with the perception of the Greeks about their identity. According to the findings of the enquiry, 47,2% of the participants believes that the Greek identity is a matter of genes, not choice. Also, 36,1% estimates that if someone has no Greek parents, he cannot be considered as Greek.”


Well, according to the above, the propagandists of the system, the paid enemies of the National state and servants of the globalization should know that every time a comrade of Golden Dawn insists that you are born and do not become Greek, the majority of Greeks agrees with him, despite the massive and diluvial propaganda of professional “antiracists” at television stations and newspapers. 


Another result is the fact that this enquiry was no materialized by…fascists and racists and it was not published in a racist newspaper. This fact indicates that the Ideas of Golden Dawn are not placed in the marge of the political life, but they are the main tendency in the Greek society.


Solely 2,2% of Greeks believe in the complete integration of foreigners!


The allegedly intellectuals and the politicians of devastation squall for the complete integration of all these foreigners in the Greek homeland, who came illegally to our country. Yet Greek people through this enquiry responds to them, claiming that they constitute a sad minority:


KATHIMERINI: “Identity and Diversity-A hesitant step towards tolerance: 88,3 % agrees or rather agrees (80,1%  and 8, 2%) that the number of immigrants in the country during the last ten years is extremely large, while 64,4% believes that they conduce to the increase of criminality and 58% that they contribute to the extension of unemployment. On the contrary, only 25,4%considers the immigrants as the solution to the demographic problem of Greece…”


“In the question about what should happen about the illegal immigrants that reside in Greece, less than one to five Greeks desire their stay in the country, whether completely (2,2%), whether gradually, under conditions (17,5%). The rest support their departure, where 20% supports their immediate deportation. 


20% of Greeks demand their immediate deportation, a disposition presented only by GOLDEN DAWN, while only 2,2% support their complete integration to our society, a position supported by the government and the fossils of marxism. A position that is not opposed by the internationalist liberals of New Democracy, who perceive everything through the ecomy and the money. 


Against Globalization and the international conspiracies


From the same enquiry derive the following: 


KATHIMERINI: The inclination towards the conspiracy theories and the skepticism towards the West are evident in the results of the enquiry. 80,5% of Greeks believes that there are secret organizations in Greece and abroad which act in the backstage and control…” 


“Russians are the most popular with 77,4% positive views and only 10,7% negative. In fact, 33,4% of Greeks believe that the interests of the country would be more assured if Greece would exit the Eurozone and would form some kind of beneficial relation Moscow.”


“Globalization is considered as threat for Greece according to 59,7% of the participants. Only 34,4 % considers globalization as a chance” .


In conclusion, we detect from the above that the international conspiracy against our Nation, the disposition towards the “allies” of the West and the geopolitical turn to Russia constitute the belief of the majority of Greeks, not only the position of GOLDEN DAWN. In the same way only GOLDEN DAWN presents a negative position towards globalization, as the majority of Greek People. 


Well, it is obvious that the Ideas of GOLDEN DAWN about the Race, the National state, the position against the globalization, do not constitute a marginal phenomenon, but they constitute a strong tendency among Greek People. This is why the establishment is fighting us with devious and dirty means. No matter what they may do, however, the Ideas of GOLDEN DAWN constitute a strong tendency among People and this is why they will not stop us no matter how many illegal counter-protests, no matter how many conspiracies of silence and persecutions they might do against us. 


Additionally, this political inquiry gives an answer to their mendacity, that the vote to GOLDEN DAWN is not an occasional vote of protest but the conviction of an important part of people, which in fact is not totally expressed. This time, though, is close…


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn




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