What is Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn began as a Greek Nationalist organization in the beginning of the 1980‘s. It was started by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a native of the Mani region of Greece, a province with a strong cultural tradition of resistance to Turkish occupation.
As a former member of the Greek Special forces, Mr. Michaloliakos saw the start of the current political situation of Greece today being planned. He sought to form a true patriotic force against these elements.  The organization of that time was comprised of a core group of Nationalists who based their beliefs on our ancestors ideology. The core ideals of Golden Dawn are based primarily on that of ancient Sparta,  and to a lesser extent taking inspiration from more modern figures of our history such as (among many others) Theodoros Kolokotronis and Ioannis Metaxas.
From the start of the 1990‘s, up until the present, Golden Dawn has been the ONLY political group in Greece that has not compromised it’s position.  While other parties of Greece were saying patriotic things, only to betray the Greek people so that they could benefit their own political careers, Golden Dawn was taking action against all forces who have motivations other than the welfare of the Greek people in mind.
Today, the effects of this betrayal have become more clear, the Greek people suffer and are losing  their homes and businesses, Greek youth face the reality of living in a country where they are not only in fear of the ever increasing theft, murders and rapes (once virtually unheard of), they also face the danger of becoming ethnically cleansed in their native homeland if current immigration trends continue.
The line between who is for the welfare of the Greek people and who has other motives is becoming very clear. The result of this is why Golden Dawn has 18 seats in the Greek Parliament and is now the third largest political party in Greece today.

Why is the support for Golden Dawn growing so quickly?

Journalists with an agenda other than the welfare of Greeks, try very hard to answer this question ignoring the “Elephant in the Room”.  They usually claim that Golden Dawn has “brainwashed” a large portion of Greeks to blame illegal immigrants for the economic crisis and that this concern over the crisis is the only reason.
What they fail to mention, is that about 1/3 of the Greek population lives condensed in the metropolitan area of Athens and roughly around 4/5ths of Greece’s 3 million illegal immigrants have also settled there in a period of about 15 years. The Greek population had very little experience with violent crime and rapes when the country was 98% Greek 2 decades ago.
The government and police were not prepared to deal with the skyrocketing  increase in violent crime, rape, and diseases the last 5 years. When the indigenous Greek population cried for help, the state ignored them, as most  wealthy state officials lived in areas where all illegal immigrants did was take care of their large gardens and houses as servants.  The leftist political groups not only ignored them, but told them they should be ashamed for being concerned and frightened.
They had children in private schools and lived in protected suburbs, while working class Greek families dealt with the “Elephant in the Room”.
What is the “Elephant in the Room”?  Watch the video below, and find out:

Is the Golden Dawn “Neo-Nazi” “Anti-Semitic” “Satanist” “Racist” “Free-Masons” etc etc?

Media figures use labels like this to get the general public to not listen to what we have to say or to try and understand who and what we are.  Any rational person,  who knows common Greek people, either in Greece or abroad knows that Greek nationalists fought the Axis Occupation in WWII and many of us have grandparents or relatives who died doing so.  The strong resistance of our nation during that period was due to Ioannis Metaxas, a leader who by today’s had an ideology that would be labeled “Fascist” or “Neo-Nazi” if it existed today.  He was responsible for our preparation of that resistance, not tolerant “Social Democrats”. Metaxas was a leader who believed Greece was for Greeks, and rejected the Axis, the Allies, and the Communists all at once.

The same salute was used by Greeks during the Ottoman times, including the heroes of 1821. 
One can easily find photographs of Metaxas doing the Roman salute, organizing marches and training youth in just the same way as you will see in Golden Dawn today. The fact that figures such as Hitler and Mussolini, based some of their of their ideologies on Greco-Roman ideals and certain Spartan principals does not make Golden Dawn “Neo-Nazi”. Our deep rooted nationalistic ideology existed thousands of years before Adolf Hitler was even born. This is an indisputable historical fact.
Make no mistake, we are Greek Nationalists, and despite what the BBC or CNN has to say, as such we are going to have some basic similarities with other Nationalists around the world, be they Tibetan, German, Somali , Taiwanese or Indian nationalists.  Of course, you won’t hear a BBC reporter calling a Somali Nationalist a “Neo-Nazi”.
The only reason they call us “Neo-Nazi” is because we are a country in Europe, the Occident, and they know if they use that term, they can get other Europeans to think we are crazed lunatics rather than normal people with families and a culture we want to protect. We stand in the way of the bankers plan to enslave us with their “European Union” and to destroy our national identity.


Is the Symbol Golden Dawn uses a Swastika or a “Nazi Symbol”?

No, the symbol on the flag of Golden Dawn is called the Meander, more commonly known as the Greek key, is an ancient symbol of our people dating back thousands of years. Anyone who has studied Greek history, can see numerous examples of the meander in ancient Greek pottery, art work, architecture and letters. Like the swastika, which was known as the Gammadion to the ancient Greeks, this symbol has its origins in our ancient culture, and we shouldn't be ashamed of our ancient symbols because of what happened in WW2.

The meander is Greek, and proudly used by Golden Dawn as their flag. The colours of red, black and white where used to represent our struggle in the Greek War of independence, as seen in the Ypsilanti flag.

“Greeks invented Democracy, so why are you “Anti-Democratic” is not that against the “Greek Spirit”?

A common statement parroted by many ignorant Greeks and non-Greeks alike, is that modern western democracy is an ingrained concept of the Greek culture or the ONLY Greek political idea.
For those who may not be educated, Ancient Greece consisted of various city states or kingdoms,  the only one of which that practiced Democracy was Ancient Athens.
Despite what the ignorant may think, Athens was not representative of the whole of Greece or the Greek people.
Sparta for example, was ruled by a King, with elements of socialism and nationalism.  Macedonia was also very far from being democratic, with Alexander the Great’s empire being governed by military generals.
Plato who wrote “The Republic” spoke out against democracy as a political system, among others of the era.
The point of the above is that Democracy was one of several political theories of Ancient Greece, It is an indisputable fact that the vast majority of political life in Greece as a whole was not related to democracy at all.
So why all the obsession with “Democracy” and the word “Democratic”?
In the western world, the modern system that uses this name has its roots in the English Parliamentary system, not ancient Athens.  The reason why the western media promotes this, as being the only form of government is because it is so easily corruptible for their own purposes.  The combination of this with television, promotes an image of a candidate or politician that the media bosses want the masses to see, rather than the public seeing who that candidate really is.
In Ancient Athens (the democracy the propagandists constantly allude to) only full blooded Athenian men who had served in the military and fought for the city state were permitted to vote.  No Immigrants, no slaves, nor even non-Athenian Greeks were permitted.  If such a thing were proposed today, the television would be telling us all how “Fascist” such an idea is and perhaps even that it’s not “democratic”.
Golden Dawn today participates in this externally imposed and corrupt Anglo-parliamentary system because that is the current legal means of getting our voice out to our people.

Does the Golden Dawn blame Illegal Immigrants for the Greek Economic Crisis?

NO, This has often been repeated in the International Press many times, phrases like “Golden Dawn, who blames undocumented migrants for the debt crisis” can be seen in various articles.
The vicious propaganda pushed against the Greek people says that the Greeks themselves caused the crisis and brought it on themselves simply by evading taxes, and being lazy.  Now these “lazy Greek parasites” are “looking for a scapegoat” and that’s why immigrants take the blame.
Simple explanations like these are made to distort the reality of the situation today, while Golden Dawn has stated that Illegal Immigration puts a drain on public services, illegal employment and illegal sales of goods hurt native Greek business owners, it has never stated the root cause being these immigrants themselves.

What really caused the Greek economic crisis?

While this is a very complex issue, the main root cause of the current situation, can be traced back to 1974.  From 1967 to 1974 Greece was ruled by a military regime known internationally as the “Junta”.  The leader of the regime George Papadopoulos, began developing the infrastructure of the country at a time when it was poor at the level of other Balkan countries.  Roads to remote areas of the country, electricity, telephone systems, schools, and factories were built, and the country had its most prosperous period of NATURAL economic growth not seen since.
This is to say that the while the economy had grown, it was growing at a slower, steadier pace without huge loans and massive debt. It was still economically not at a level of western European countries, yet production was there and the country was on the right track economically.  With its own factories and industries, its own currency and its own interests without the “European Community” dictating what it should do.
However, in 1974 this all changed, by 1980 the current system called “Social Democracy” was put into place, factories were closed down little by little, the country joined the “European Commission” and Massive Loans were taken under the son of George Papandreou Sr., Andreas Papandreou of the “PASOK” party, and later its twin “Nea Dimokratia”.
Civil Servant Jobs, State Funded Jobs, State Funded Government Programs, appeared almost overnight, and within a decade a massive middle class was created. Greek people who had been poor almost all their lives suddenly had secure useless bureaucratic jobs all over the country.  “Vote for PASOK, they will give your son a Job” was a common phrase heard in villages across Greece.  This “miracle” was so widespread, that Greeks learned a bureaucratic state job was superior to any other  .  Useless positions were created to produce army of loyal voters,  government jobs that may need 2 or 3 people were employing 10.  Pensions, and the near impossibility of getting fired all sweetened the deal.
As the purchasing power increased, the once poor Greek working class was now able to live in a way never imagined before, they felt they had finally reached a level of prosperity only western Europeans once had.  They never questioned how this “miracle” happened.  An average person, who grows up in a small town in Greece, or anywhere for that matter probably is not going to understand how international loans and finance works.  All the average Greek had to do was vote for PASOK or Nea Demokratia and the cars, houses and job security would keep rolling in.
While the average Greek did not understand the cause of this “miracle”, The Papandreou and Karamanlis family certainly did, the western educated Greek politicians certainly did.  This “miracle” came at a price, and the price was Greece’s national autonomy. The price was international access to all of our homeland’s resources natural, political and economic. This was a systematic plan.
Now we are told that the international banks who loaned Greece all this money, were “tricked” by Greek politicians into making Greece look like a lucrative economic investment and that now the Greek people must pay with harsh austerity measures to compensate for this supposed trickery.
Banks can approve or deny loans for private citizens based on things like debt to income ratio, credit history, assets etc and is virtually never “tricked” because the borrower always has some kind of collateral.  Yet we are to believe the banks naively loaned billions of dollars to an entire country for decades without suspecting there would be a default?  In this case, the collateral the banks want is our whole Nation, our people and our future.

I am a supporter of Golden Dawn and live outside of Greece. How can I become involved with Golden Dawn?

Golden Dawn has supporters in many countries and holds regular meetings in a number of cities. For those in North America, please contact xaameriki@yahoo.com to be put in contact with supporters in New York, Montreal and Toronto.
For those in Australia, click  here  for more information on regular meetings that are held in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
We encourage all other supporters outside of Greece to assist Golden Dawn with their charity work in helping impoverished Greeks in need. With the financial crisis still crippling the average Greek family, and the NGOs preferring to cater towards immigrants and other minorities, Golden Dawn continues to stand in solidarity with real Greeks.
All parliamentary funds to Golden Dawn have been unconstitutionally ceased by the Greek state. Golden Dawn MPs prior to this would sacrifice the majority of their parliamentary incomes to assist with food appeals, and now rely on donations from supporters. To make a donation, please refer to the main Golden Dawn website or our Donations section for more details.

F.Q.A. from: xaameriki.wordpress.com & goldendawnaus.blogspot.gr