Golden Dawn MP: The criminal organization of SYRIZA is guilty - We won’t be stopped with molotov cocktails & terrorism - VIDEO

01/04/2017 22:54
The criminal liability of the Tsipras- Skourletis-Toskas gang for the murderous attack on the offices of Golden Dawn were clearly demonstrated a little while ago in the statement from the spokesperson of the Movement: “They’re the protected of Mr. Toskas, the criminal gang of SYRIZA, at the most...

Statement of N. G. Michaloliakos about the guilty silence of the political parties for the terrorist attack to the offices of Golden Dawn

01/04/2017 19:13
This morning an anarchist group made a terrorist attack against the central offices of the Golden Dawn. None of the parties of the so-called "democratic arc" did not condemn this criminal act. From the one side, because the government is clearly a Marxist one, and from the other side, because the...

Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideios: Stop Turkey’s accession process - VIDEO

01/04/2017 18:50
Statement by MEP for the Popular Association "Golden Dawn" Army General Georgios Epitideios on Turkey’s accession process.                

Nicholaos G. Michaloliakos: The only solution to bring Justice, is a National solution! - VIDEO

31/03/2017 19:48
The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn lashed a major attack against the coalition government of SYRIZA - ANEL, but also against the general political system, for the continuous covering-up of scandals.   In the Parliamentary debate for the establishment of an inquiry...

Limnos and another treason of the “allies” - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

31/03/2017 18:05
Greece will not become the satellite of Turkey according to the wishes of the… “civilized” political establishment and the foreign suzerains From 20 to 22 of March took place at Aegean a planned electronic war exercise of NATO. Because of the demands of Turkey the island Limnos was excluded, due...

Tsipras is signing extinguishing austerity measures of four billion euros

30/03/2017 19:43
Tsipras is signing extinguishing austerity measures of four billion euros and he brings redundancies, “slaughter” of pensions - tax free and the sellout of PPC, with the agreement of Mitsotakis, who is committed that he will abide by the ethnocide Memorandum.   Golden Dawn - Press...

Nicholas G. Michaloliakos: Selection Board for all the responsible members of the KYSEA - VIDEO

30/03/2017 18:39
The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos made a statement from the peristyle of the Parliament, suggesting the establishment of a Selection Board to deal with the case of Yannos Papantoniou:   “The people demand justice. It’s not enough to have...

1821 and the Greeks of 2017- Article by the Leader of Golden Dawn N. G. Michaloliakos

29/03/2017 18:34
“These words I shall say And no more Get drunk With the immortal wine of ’21” Kostis Palamas    The Revolution of the 25th of March of 1821 that signified the begging of the freedom of the Modern Greek state, will be “honored” once again this year. A freedom that is being stroke fiercely...
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