On the Installment Payment to the IMF

09/04/2015 13:03
SYRIZA is the continuation of the memorandum regime of PASOK – New Democracy and has already recanted all her campaign promises so she can pay illegal repayments and interest to the usurers of the IMF.   Golden Dawn – Press Office     From:

VIDEO: Nikolaos Michaloliakos: The Greek People Voted to Terminate the Memorandum and the Loan Agreement

08/04/2015 22:39
  Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos spoke at the Plenary of the Parliament about the negotiations between the coalition government and the lenders. • Samaras talked about hordes of illegal immigrants and censorship. For the same words, legal documents were drafted against Golden Dawn and...

Slogans and memorabilia of the Special Forces – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

02/04/2015 22:38
“And our dream is to go to Polis to raise the Flag to sing the Hymn” I heard this slogan for the first time yesterday from the television. It’s obviously new, it does not belong to the “traditional repertory” of the Special Forces. I remembered a similar song that we used to sing when we did our...

Speeches of Golden Dawn European Parliament members at the International Patriotic Forum in Russia

02/04/2015 22:36
Watch the speeches of the GD's  European parliament members, general George Epitidios and general Elefterios Synadinos at the international patriotic forum which took place in St Petersburg on saturday the 22th of march During their speeches the european parliament members of the Golden Dawn...


02/04/2015 22:25
What Golden Dawn repeatedly says about this issue of illegal immigration in Greece–which of course the media pimps characterize as excessive and most certainly “racist”–are fully confirmed by the officers of the Greek coast guard who experience every day the de facto invasion of illegal immigrants...

Interview of Golden Dawn Head on SigmaLive: “The Golden Dawn is being prosecuted according to the inhumane law of collective responsibility”

31/03/2015 22:22 Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, gave an interview on everything under the sun to SigmaLive in our  fellow-Hellenic state of Cyprus. Current political developments we discussed as was the Cyprus problem, the economic situation of...

Christos Papas released from prison – Honors the memory of fallen allies George Foundoulis and Manolis Kapelonis | 2 VIDEOS

31/03/2015 22:16
"The truth will come shining through–Golden Dawn will be vindicated.” After 18 months of illegal confinement, Golden Dawn parliament representative (PR), Christos Pappas, finally left Athens’ Korydallos prison.  Upon leaving he was applauded by members and friends of the nationalist Movement...

In cuffs in the maternity hospital the Fellow Fighter P. Iliopoulos – Photo reportage, Video

30/03/2015 22:15 Fellow Fighter P. Iliopoulos talked to the TRT Thessaly about the latest judicial developments in the case of the Golden Dawn, and later was broadcasted exclusive reportage of the station from the maternity hospital where he was led in cuffs and escorted by fully...
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