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''I stand with Golden Dawn'' aims to inform the world community about the illegal political persecutions that take place against the Greek nationalist movement ''Popular Association - Golden Dawn''. Also our purpose is to unite all the European Nationalists against the Zionist occupation of Europe and the destruction of our Nations.


This website was created so anyone from all over the world can be daily informed about the Movement through translated articles and news feed that we publish from the official websites of the Golden Dawn party and its allies which are banned in many countries.




Golden Dawn MP I. Kasidiaris took the microphone from Minister who slandered the Nationalists in the Parliament - VIDEO

23/03/2017 17:49
Golden Dawn once again called out the memorandum backing government of the left with evidence concerning the miserable establishment of privileges enjoyed by the political system. Quivering, the Minister of...

Tsakalotos is the puppet of the troika

22/03/2017 20:45
Tsipras and Tsakalotos have become the puppets of the lenders, are conducted and carried by the foreign powers seeking the economic destruction of our country.   Golden Dawn - Press...

The government aspires strikes at the army and the police! Silence from Panos Kammenos

22/03/2017 19:03
The questionnaire of the Commission of Dialogue for the Constitutional revision has been published.    Among the posed questions is the question about whether the strikes in the Armed Forces and the...

Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideios: Vetting the migrants outside the EU borders - VIDEO

22/03/2017 17:41
Statement by MEP for the Popular Association "Golden Dawn" Army General Georgios Epitideios during the debate at the EP plenary session in Strasbourg about Reinforcing Checks Against Relevant Databases at...

The plans for the "great Albania" proceed with the blessings of Tsipras and Kammenos

21/03/2017 19:01
The threat for Greece does not derive exclusively from the East, from Turkey, but also from northwest, where the plans for the great Albania proceed with the blessings of Turkish and Americans. Towards these...

“You are born Greek-You do not become one” - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

21/03/2017 18:36
According to an enquiry published at “Kathimerini”: 47, 2% of the participants answered that the Greek identity is a matter of genes-The Ideas of Golden Dawn are popular to people.    “The Greek...

Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideios: The EU offers nothing to the security of Europe - VIDEO

21/03/2017 17:31
Statement by the MEP for the Popular Association "Golden Dawn" Army General Georgios Epitideios during the debate at the EP plenary session in Strasbourg on Fighting...

The illegal immigration flows are increasing again – Over 330 arrived in Chios and Lesbos in the past 48 hours

20/03/2017 19:12
   The weather hasn’t even had chance to change yet and the illegal immigration flows have already begun increasing.     Of course, we mustn’t forget that the reactivation of the...

Erdogan calls for the Demographic replacement of Europeans

20/03/2017 19:06
It is has been known by Nationalists for decades that Zionists, in collaboration with the Wahhabists and other Islamist allies that there is an open plan to demographically replace the indigenous people of...

The Albanian propaganda, the Greek Arvanites and the “Field of Greeks” in Sicily - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

20/03/2017 17:24
THE TWO-HEADED EAGLE, SKANDERBEG AND THE ALBANIANS    Those who barely know the History of the Nations of the Aimos Peninsula, meaning the Balkans, know very well that the two-headed eagle is a...
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