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''I stand with Golden Dawn'' aims to inform the world community about the illegal political persecutions that take place against the Greek nationalist movement ''Popular Association - Golden Dawn''. Also our purpose is to unite all the European Nationalists against the Zionist occupation of Europe and the destruction of our Nations.


This website was created so anyone from all over the world can be daily informed about the Movement through translated articles and news feed that we publish from the official websites of the Golden Dawn party and its allies which are banned in many countries.




The Abandonment of the Greek Working Class by the Communists

19/03/2017 22:18
 An interesting phenomenon of the far left has been their complete abandonment of the working class, in favour of their new clients from the 3rd world. While the Communist movement of Greece embraced...

Golden Dawn’s press release about the examination Committee for the Health sector

19/03/2017 19:32
Golden Dawn is in favor of the examination committee about the expenditures in the health sector, which have the “odor” of a scandal. The imprisoned, former chairman of the "Red Cross" A. Martinis directly...

Greek People say NO to the Europe of usurers - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

18/03/2017 19:08
The results of a political enquiry published by the newspaper KATHIMERIRINI are extremely upsetting for all those obsessed with the European Union, who can be found in the new at capitalism left wing of...

N. G. Michaloliakos on ThrakiNET about the greedy political privileges and the Turkish expansionism - VIDEO

18/03/2017 17:00
The General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nicholas G. Michaloliakos, made a telephone interview on the television ThrakiNET, where he commented on the current events.   Initially, the Leader of Golden Dawn...

Why the slandering from the media can not touch Golden Dawn - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

17/03/2017 19:02
People do not believe in them! Only the 7% of people believe that the media in Greece are truly independent.   During the last years GOLDEN DAWN is literally the target bad publicity of the television...

The international establishment is astonished - “The Independent”: Golden Dawn is the third political power with 10%!

16/03/2017 17:58
The global media write the truth that remains hidden by the journalists and the pollsters of this country: Golden Dawn is constantly rising and is currently corresponding to two-digit rate.   This truth...

The Greek Woman through the centuries and the true status of Women

15/03/2017 18:51
Article by the MP of the 'Popular Association - Golden Dawn' Helen Zaroulias in the newspaper “Golden Dawn”   The mentors of capitalist development have managed to alter the role of women in the...

Golden Dawn MPs: We are the proud women of Golden Dawn, fighting for the Fatherland and Freedom! - VIDEOS

15/03/2017 18:09
The MPs of Golden Dawn spoke in the Hellenicin Parliament on the occasion of the International Day of Women.   Comrade Zaroulias initially criticized heavily the coalition government of SYRIZA- ANEL...

The dialog of a poet with a statue ~ From Greece of 1907 to Greece of 2017! - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

15/03/2017 17:23
We are in Greece, at 1907, only ten years after the humiliating defeat at the Greco-Turkish war of 1897 and with the recent blood of Pavlos Melas, blood spilt for our Macedonia, whose sacred name is being...

Statement by N. G. Michaloliakos on Dijsselbloem and the countermeasures of the government

14/03/2017 19:01
The Secretary General of the Golden Dawn N. G. Michaloliakos, about Dijsselbloem’s statement on the countermeasures of the government, made the following statement:   "The development will not come with...
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