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''I stand with Golden Dawn'' aims to inform the world community about the illegal political persecutions that take place against the Greek nationalist movement ''Popular Association - Golden Dawn''. Also our purpose is to unite all the European Nationalists against the Zionist occupation of Europe and the destruction of our Nations.


This website was created so anyone from all over the world can be daily informed about the Movement through translated articles and news feed that we publish from the official websites of the Golden Dawn party and its allies which are banned in many countries.




The liberation of Dodecanese islands and another treason of our allies - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

08/03/2017 17:54
“Who would have really thought, to be lies and fables, and to forget their promises, that they used to say to us every night from their London…”   Greece participated at World War I by the side of the...

N. G. Michaloliakos: The suspension of the article “on ministerial responsibility” is a moral obligation - VIDEO

08/03/2017 17:33
A meaningless communication show was performed by the Prime Minister concerning the upcoming constitutional review - as he does with all the major issues.   In the first meeting of the committee, Alexis...

Press release of Golden Dawn about the Constitutional revision

07/03/2017 20:10
Tsipras supports Venizelos’ law on ministerial responsibility and he perpetuates the political corruption, an integral part of which are the political parties Syriza-Anel.    Golden Dawn - Press...

N. G. Michaloliakos: “The scorns of the Europeans and the clowns of the ancient”

07/03/2017 18:01
Excerpts of the forbidden by ERT speech of the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn   “Comrades, Greek men and Greek women who are about to watch tomorrow –if you watch- this speech, I...

The orphans of Marx are here - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

06/03/2017 23:06
When ERT censored Golden Dawn   According to the Constitution, the television stations ought to present the political parties of the parliament, a duty that is neglected when it comes to the Popular...

The sweeping speech of N. G. Michaloliakos that was banned by the state TV of SYRIZA - VIDEO

05/03/2017 17:47
The speech of the Leader of Golden Dawn in the Parliamentary Group of the party was illegally banned by the ERT Ethics Committee with the unacceptable pretext that “it is not transmissible by Public...

N. G. Michaloliakos statement on the negotiations: Tsipras is lying to the Greek people! - VIDEO

05/03/2017 17:03
The General Secretary of the Popular Association, Nicholas G. Michaloliakos, from the peristyle of the Parliament commented on the government's negotiations with the Troika:   “Tsipras is lying to the...

Golden Dawn MP I. Kasidiaris to the minister of immigration: You took punches and kicks from the illegal immigrants! - VIDEO

04/03/2017 18:50
The minister of illegal immigration policy of Syriza, G. Mouzalas, remained speechless in front of the accusations of the MP of Golden Dawn. Ilias Kasidiaris unleashed a fierce attackagainst...

Warm welcome for Golden Dawn in the protest of Greek farmers, “No to seizure of Greek land” – Photos

04/03/2017 16:11
The Leader of People’s Association, Nikolaos Michaloliakos and a group of MPs and comrades from Mani participated today in the great protest assemblage of Mani at Syntagma square. With the main slogans “NO...

Turkomongol provocateurs claim ‘Cyprus is home of the Turks’

03/03/2017 19:02
The Greeks have continuously inhabited Cyprus since the Bronze Age, a historical Island homeland of our people stretching back over 3,500 years. We are the indigenous ethnos of the Island, and founded ancient...
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