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''I stand with Golden Dawn'' aims to inform the world community about the illegal political persecutions that take place against the Greek nationalist movement ''Popular Association - Golden Dawn''. Also our purpose is to unite all the European Nationalists against the Zionist occupation of Europe and the destruction of our Nations.


This website was created so anyone from all over the world can be daily informed about the Movement through translated articles and news feed that we publish from the official websites of the Golden Dawn party and its allies which are banned in many countries.




Ilias Kasidiaris: SYRIZA is Robbing the Greeks to Pay the Foreign Usurers

27/04/2015 15:23
 Video “SYRIZA is robbing hospitals, universities, and the Greek people to pay in perpetuity the IMF and the foreign usurers.  Don’t believe what they say about a fall out and elections.  In...

-ANNOUNCEMENT- Our Facebook page is active again.

27/04/2015 14:58
ANNOUNCEMENT Our Facebook page is active again.   After few days of depublish, the page ''I stand with Golden Dawn'' is again public. The administration team of the Facebook recognized the...

Smear Campaign from SKAI Channel: They Presented Anarchists Attacking Citizens As… Golden-Dawners – VIDEO

23/04/2015 15:34
    On Monday April 20th, SKAI channel’s news program, “SKAI at 6” with Kostas Bogdanou, launched an unprecedented smear campaign, which clearly aimed at slandering Golden...

The trial begins

22/04/2015 22:16
  The long awaited trial of Golden Dawn finally begins, here on the 20th of April. The historical trial represents the doings of the largest political persecution in Greece since the fall of the...

The Financial Times Warns the International Loan Sharks: Support SYRIZA of Else Golden Dawn Will be Next

22/04/2015 15:35
  From the first moment Golden Dawn entered the Greek Parliament, she has constitutes the only reason why some things are moving in a positive direction, in various fields.  We remind that...

Fotis Graikos: Greek Society Recognizes Golden Dawn’s Innocence

21/04/2015 21:28
  www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mQVc-ZiHy0   Popular Association – Golden Dawn MP (B’ Thessaloniki), Fotis Graikos, in statements to the Reuters agency, commented on the solidarity gathering by...

Mass Gathering in Show of Support by Family and Friends of Golden Dawn

21/04/2015 15:27
www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-OhoC5rX5Q   Since this morning hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters, family, and ordinary people gathered spontaneously without any kind of mobilization, outside the trial...

Announcement of support to the Golden Dawn from the nationalist Movement NATION

20/04/2015 20:53
English translation: ''We are Golden Dawn! On Monday will begin the trial of the Golden Dawn party in Greece . For the first time in Western Europe, we will witness the attempt to judicially liquidate a...

GREEK MINISTER OF IMMIGRATION: “The immigrants are just sunning themselves.”

19/04/2015 16:24
youtu.be/QoIRR0goH84   This is but a taste of the policies of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government, which continues to turn a blind eye to the massive immigration problem plaguing...


19/04/2015 16:21
youtu.be/oOnnalMkqLg   Parliament member of the second region of Piraeus John Lagos was placed in the house plenary as a parliamentary representative for the process. The fellow agonist...
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